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Bike rental Mallorca

Bike rental Mallorca

Bike rental Mallorca - from e-bike to road bike

Mallorca is not only a place for beach holidays as many cyclists will tell you. Numerous tourists explore the island on a bicycle and there are many rental stations across the island.

Rental Bikes Mallorca

Train like the pros: Road bike rental in Mallorca
The bike rentals in Mallorca have adapted to the different demands of their clientele over recent years and offer a wide range of bikes. Numerous tourists choose to emulate the professional racing cyclists who train on Mallorca from spring onwards and rent a racing bike for a few days or a week. Bikes can be reserved online and picked up at the specified time. Most operators offer a pick-up and drop-off service to your accommodation. That way, you are not restricted to staying close to the branch office. There are also many cyclist-friendly hotels that work with the cycling rental firms. In other words you can book a racing bike from your hotel reception desk. Some road bike rental companies offer guided tours across the island. If you are interested in this kind of arrangement, google the homepage of the operators or pop in to the local branch.

Mountain bikes, tandems or electric bikes
The range of bikes available in Mallorca is huge. Mountain bikes are without doubt the best if you wish to go off-road and wish to have an athletic challenge, testing your limits on the stony mountain trails of the Serra de Tramuntana. Some companies offer mountain bikes including bottle holders and repair kits. A city bike is perfect for more leisurely rides along the promenade or for smaller errands. The bikes are generally Dutch-style with a luggage rack and basket. If you are planning longer bike rides along the coast or through inland Mallorca, you should opt for a sports or trekking bike. Ideally, you rent panniers that are attached to the rear carrier and provide storage space for your picnic and drinks. In addition to the models mentioned previously there is a growing market for E-Bikes. An electric motor helps you climb the hills with ease, making cycling in the mountainous regions of the island extremely comfortable. In addition, tandems, children's bikes and fitness bikes are all available in Mallorca.

Prices of rental bikes in Mallorca are staggered and depend on the type of bike and the rental period. A simple city bike or a children's bike can cost you as little as 10 Euros per day. The longer you rent the bike, the cheaper it gets so your €10 a day city bike may just cost €45 for a full week. Generally, water bottles, spare tyres and pump are included in the rental price. Mountain bikes are available from 20 Euros per day and e-bikes cost between 24 and 30 Euros per day. Racing bikes are the ones where you will find the greatest range of prices -depending on material and equipment, the daily rental prices are between 17 and 44 Euros. In addition, the season you choose to go in also affects the pricing. In the high season between June and September you should expect the highest prices for a rental bike. In the off-season, many rental stations offer some significant discounts.