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Mountain biking in Mallorca

Mountain biking in Mallorca

Mountain biking in Mallorca

Mountainbike MallorcaRocky climbs, loosely paved pilgrim trails reminiscent of old military roads in the Alps, and spectacular downhill runs - Mallorca offers excellent conditions for mountain biking.

Serra de Tramuntana: The mountain bike mecca of Mallorca
The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range in northwest Mallorca, whose highest peak reaches 1445 m. At the centre of the mountain range is the Lluc Monastery, a place of pilgrimage that has been the destination of pilgrims for centuries. The ancient pilgrim trails cover the Tramuntana mountains like a spider’s web. Modern day pilgrims rarely use the paths these days as they go to see the statue of the Black Madonna. Today the road network is a playground for mountain bikers. Many paths are paved and reminiscent of old military roads, which were created during the First World War in the Alps. The route can be challenging at times. Steep climbs that lead up to the ridge between a cliff face on one side and a ravine on the other side are not uncommon.

Mountain biking in the Tramuntana mountains
In the Serra de Tramuntana you need to be alert, look straight ahead as you cycle. If you veer too much to the left or the right you may run into boulders that will, at best, take you from your saddle. Be warned. However, the feeling of exhilaration as you look down from the ridges makes the effort all seem worthwhile as you gaze at the deep blues of the Mediterranean in the bright sunshine and the pale karst cliffs form an impressive contrast to the water. Then it’s time to make your way down. Only tubeless tires can survive the ordeal through the rough terrain and your bike will need good suspension if you want to ride safely on this kind of ground. There may be one or two unexpected surprises for example farmers or landowners may charge you a toll on certain stretches of the trail across private land.

Since only the more experienced cyclists know the mountain bike trails in Mallorca that do not cross private property, you should take a tour with a local guide for the first time at least. Without the support of an experienced mountain biker, you run the risk of getting lost in the maze of fences, barriers and wooden gates.

Mountain Bike Tour to Torre d'Albarca
North of Arta a coastal strip, which has largely been spared by tourism stretches out. Secluded bathing bays, which can only be reached after a hike or by boat, are surrounded by shady pine forests on the coast. The region offers a fantastic contrast to the rugged mountains of the Tramuntana. With their violet and yellow colours, the shrubs blossom along the gravel road making this very scenic terrain for mountain biking. The route to Torre d'Albarca leads you through an ochre landscape dominated by tuff. Cala Mitjada, Cala Torta and Es Matzoc are the names of the tiny bays on the coast that you will pass. Even in the main season, the beaches are almost deserted. If you are planning a mountain bike tour in this region, do not forget to bring swimwear in your luggage as the sight of the turquoise blue sea between the bright rocks is temptingly refreshing.

Torre d'Albarca dates back to 1751 and was once part of a system of watchtowers and bastions on Mallorca’s coastline. The stone towers were built for defensive purposes and were usually within sight of each other. Far away on the horizon, Cap Formentor can be seen when the weather is clear. After getting back in the saddle you will reach the gorgeous beach of Platja de sa Font Celada, which lies deserted with its fine-grained sand glistening in the sun.