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Road bike tours in Mallorca

Road bike tours in Mallorca

Road-racing bike tours in Mallorca

When the average person hears the word Mallorca, the image of heady beach parties, long party nights and booming music usually spring to mind. It cannot be denied that for many tourists who come here, that is exactly what they expect and that is exactly what they get. On the other hand, those prepared to delve a little deeper will find that Mallorca has much more to offer than all-inclusive resorts, cheap beer and fish and chips.

Road-racing bike tours in Mallorca

More and more tourists are drawn to the beautiful interior of the island, where they rent fincas and enjoy the true rural beauty of Mallorca. For these tourists, once off the plane at Palma, there is no contact with the Magaluf or S’Arenal tourists until boarding the return flight home.

Paradise for cyclists

Those in search of tranquillity have found their own Mallorca, as have cyclists. The cycling routes on the island can be tough at times but you certainly will get to see breath-taking scenery as you pedal - it is little wonder than many professional cyclists choose to come to Mallorca to prepare the season. However amateur cyclists are now following their lead and cycling is becoming really big business.

We have put together three routes for you that will allow you to go on a journey of discovery taking in the scenic and cultural beauty of Mallorca up close, in a way that you would never be able to do on foot or by public transport or even in a rental car.

Key details for cyclists - flights, accommodation, rental bike

Everything done in the right order: first of all, you need to book the best flight and accommodation that you can find. This can be done online or through a travel agent. All that is left after this is making sure you have the right bike for you.

Most cyclists, understandably, prefer to use their own bike where possible. On the other hand, there are various operators (such as Vuelta or Radissimo), which offer high-quality rental bikes for one-day or multi-day tours. In the end, like most things, it usually boils down to money. If the airline of your choice allows bulky luggage at an acceptable price, then bring your own road bike to explore the island. If the cost of a rental bike is at or below the same level, it makes more sense to use a rented one to save a penny or two.

Three great tours

But enough of this. You are probably already sitting in front of your computer, impatiently waiting for our suggestions, so without further ado here are the three tours we have selected for you:

Palma - Orient - Palma

Do not worry, Orient doesn’t involve any trips to the Far East. Orient is a picturesque Mallorcan village. From Palma you take a good road to Bunyola, where you can have a coffee in the marketplace while soaking up the atmosphere and getting ready for the rest of the journey. The route takes you via Orient to Alaró and is one of the most beautiful stretches of the island. While not always the most cycle-friendly road, it is not for nothing that this is a World Heritage Site. After an almost 70 km round trip, reaching altitudes of 800 metres, you will arrive back in Palma.

Alcúdia - Coll de sa Bataia - Alcúdia

This route is much more demanding than the first, as this one involves a mountain (Coll de sa Bataia) as the route description suggests. From Alcúdia the road leads to Pollença and on to Lluc. Both places are ideal for a relaxing break, which you may well need to replenish your energy in preparation for the ride ahead of you. Coll de sa Bataia will take you on a challenging ride reaching heights of almost 600 metres above sea level before returning to your starting point via Capanet and Sa Pobla.

Alcúdia - northern tip of the island - Alcúdia

As with the previous tour, Alcúdia is both the starting and finishing point. However, this time it is not inland, but along the coast to the northernmost point of Mallorca. You will encounter several testing climbs on the way, which may require a bit of conditioning ahead of time. The rewards are plain to see after your exertion as you get a simply breath-taking view of the coast - and of course every painful metre that you have pedalled on your way up is an exhilarating and enjoyable downhill descent on your way back. A well-prepared and capable cyclist will love every one of the 60 kilometres!