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Bays in Mallorca

Bays in Mallorca

Bays in Mallorca

Mallorca can boast of having 200 bays and inlets along its rich coastline. Some are easily accessible by road, others can only be reached after a trek or a boat trip. We will introduce you to a selection of picturesque bays on the island and describe the peculiarities of each of these slices of bathers’ paradise.

Cala Mitjana
In the southwest of Mallorca, about two kilometres from the fashionable resort of Cala d'Or, is the bay of Cala Mitjana on the rugged coastline. The sandy beach has pine forest on three sides and is rather fjord-like. The 30-minute walk to the bay puts most tourists off, which makes it a semi-undiscovered gem - the only potential drawback being no snack bar or sun loungers.

Cala Mitjana

Cala Marmols
Before having a dip in the turquoise waters of Cala Marmols, you will need to do a one-hour hike along the coast from Cap Ses Salines. This beautiful bay is framed by marble rocks covered with pine trees. The snow-white sand shines in the bright sunshine and the waves gently roll up it onto the shore. A possible alternative to the testing hike along the coast is arriving by boat. Since there is no beach bar, you will need to bring a picnic.

peninsula Punta de Estaca

Cala s'Estaca
Cala S'Estaca is a peaceful and tranquil place on the rocky west coast of Mallorca. There are several boathouses looking over the crystal-clear water and the waterfront huts and chalets are empty from Sunday to Thursday. Just a stone's throw is a huge boulder in the water. The drive from Port de Valldemossa takes you past Hollywood actor Michael Douglas’ apartment. You should reckon on an hour’s walk from the car park to Cala s'Estaca.

Cala Murta
This romantic bay with its small sandy beach is located in front of a rocky ridge on the north coast of Mallorca. This place is still relatively quiet in the middle of the summer season. Access is from Port de Pollença via a winding road. Behind the car park at Playa Formentor you will see a sign bearing the name, "Cala Murta". Park the car and after half an hour’s walk you will have reached the bay.

Cala Mesquida Mallorca

Cala Mesquida
Cala Mesquida is the perfect destination for sunbathers and water lovers who don’t fancy a longer walk. The 300-metre-long sandy beach is just a hop, skip and a jump from the car park. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent. The tourist facilities at Cala Mesquida are second to none. A kiosk provides you with cold drinks and snacks and within a few minutes’ walk you will reach a restaurant. There is a pedalo rental and a diving school. At the beach bar you can relax on comfortable beach beds and in the back-section nudists can enjoy au naturel pleasures.

Cala Tuent
Don’t be put off by a beach that is not sandy: Cala Tuent has a picturesque natural beach with coarse pebbles and is located in front of breath-taking dream scenery. This bay is heavenly but does not comfortably accommodate more than a dozen bathers. Every now and then, chilled drinks are sold in the fisherman's hut, but opening hours are sporadic and unpredictable even in the main season. The winding approach road can be a challenge as cyclists and coaches have to compete for supremacy at times.

Cala Bóquer
With idyllic tranquillity even in the peak season, Cala Bóquer is a delightful natural beauty on the north coast. Here the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains drop steeply into the sea while high cliffs surround the pebble beach, which is not one of the most beautiful, but certainly one of the most idyllic and peaceful places in Mallorca. Access is from Pollença via the road towards Formentor. From a gravel car park, a hiking trail through a green valley leads you to Cala Bóquer.

Cala Anguila

Cala Anguila
The enchanting Cala Anguila is about 10 minutes by car from the port town of Porto Cristo on the east coast of Mallorca. The bay is bordered on both sides by low cliffs, which are covered in Mediterranean plants and pines. The fine white sand in Cala Anguila shines brightly in the sunshine. The beach is only 50 m wide but extends about 120 m inland. Due to its location between two rocky headlands, the beach and bay form a closed area, which is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Learn more about Cala Anguila.

Cala Sa Nau
Cala Sa Nau is a magical bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca. It lies at the end of a 350 m long sea inlet, reminiscent of a mini fjord. The inlet has low rocks covered in pine and Mediterranean scrub on both sides. The crystal-clear water in the Cala Sa Nau does not only draw bathers but is also hugely popular with snorkelers who enjoy the cliffs on the left and right of the bay. Due to the protected location, there are hardly any waves and at a depth of just one metre, you can enjoy a naturally diverse underwater world. Learn more about the enchanting bay of Cala Sa Nau.