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Casino Mallorca in Porto Pi

Casino Mallorca in Porto Pi

Casino Mallorca in Porto Pi

Nerves jangling at the blackjack table, petrified faces at the poker table and maximum tension at the roulette table - Casino Mallorca is worth a gamble.

Casino Porto Pi Palma de Mallorca

Casino Mallorca: Between poker and roulette table
Every day from 16:00 you can ride your luck at Casino Mallorca. A game of poker or blackjack are a welcome change from the beach or the pool for many holidaymakers. The roulette tables are full, and the cards are shuffled until the last people leave. There are a number of types of poker played: Texas Hold'em No Limit, Omaha and Stud. In American Roulette, you put coloured chips of varying values depending on what you bought in advance. After the bets are placed and the ball is about to be released you will hear the French phrase: Rien ne va plus - no more bets. The tension rises as every pair of eyes around the table follow the ball to see where it lands.

Dress code and minimum age
Casino Mallorca is located in an exclusive area in the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca. The building is located in Porto Pi Centro in the immediate vicinity of the shopping centre of the same name and the port. There is a dress code and visitors may be turned away if they are deemed not to be dressed “elegantly but casually” - in other words gentlemen should have a decent shirt and pair of trousers/chinos, ladies usually wear a knee-length skirt or a trouser suit. Ties, bow-ties and jackets are not required however be warned that the rules about sportswear and beachwear are strict and you will be turned away without exception if you are wearing shorts, flip flops or sleeveless tops. The minimum age is 18 years and all visitors should take their passport or some other photographic ID and be prepared to show it. First time visitors can download a free entrance ticket to the restaurant on the casino's website.

Poker Casino Mallorca

High tension at poker tournaments
Poker is one of the fastest growing gambling trends and even has a following on television nowadays. The Texas Hold'em variant is particularly popular. Casino Mallorca regularly organises poker tournaments which can yield a large cash prize. For those who want to hold a private poker tournament, the casino can accommodate. A professional poker table will be set up in a separate room and the equipment such as game chips and maps will also be provided by the house. A trained croupier distributes the cards and ensures compliance with international poker rules.

Restaurant and cocktail bar
With an exceptional design and a pleasant ambience, Mallorca Casino’s restaurant offers a decent range of dishes. It opens daily at 20:30 and closes early in the morning. In the slot machine room, which opens its doors to visitors at 10:00, there is a café. There you will find various coffee variations at any time of day or night, small snacks such as pasta dishes, sandwiches and salads. If you win at the roulette, poker or blackjack table, you can celebrate success at the Moon Cocktail Bar with a drink. The bar is located in the dining room and offers a huge range of cocktails. Under the title "Barman's Choice" every week a special cocktail is offered at a preferential price. The Moon Cocktail Bar is open daily from 16:00 to 05:00.