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Mallorca’s Natural Parks

Mallorca’s Natural Parks

Mallorca’s Natural Parks

For years, the natural parks and nature reserves in Mallorca have seen increasing numbers of visitors. The natural beauty of the coast and the interior of the island can be discovered by hiking, boat trips or bicycle tours.

Parc Nacional de Cabrera - Mallorca's only national park
Parc Nacional de Cabrera national park extends around the Cabrera Archipelago, which consists of 18 strongly karstified islands. In Colonia Sant-Jordi, in the summer months, day-tripping boats head for the main island on a daily basis. A variety of flora and fauna makes the archipelago a paradise for nature lovers. Eleonora hawks circling in the air and coral gulls populate the coastal regions. The interior of the island is home to Balearic lizards and adders endemic to the island slither through the Mediterranean scrub. From time to time groups of bottlenose dolphins appear off the coast and the loggerhead turtle is also native to some beaches.

La Reserva "Puig de Galatzó"
La Reserva Puig de Galatzó natur reserve stretches out from the foot of the Tramuntana mountains and is dominated by the 1,027 m high Mount Galatzó. The mountain is the most southerly peak of over 1000m in Mallorca and marks the beginning of a more than a 100 km long mountain region, which extends to Cap Formentor. In the nature park waterfalls cascade over steep drops. At the bottom, the water collects in natural pools that beg you to bathe in them. Changing rooms and showers have been installed by the pools. A 3.5 km long hiking trail leads through holm oak forests and past more waterfalls.

Naturepark SAlbufera Mallorca

S'Albufera Natural Park
In the north of Mallorca, halfway between the lively resort of Can Picafort and Alcúdia is S'Albufera Natural Park. The bio-diverse wetland can be explored by bike or on foot as part of hikes and walks. In the reeds, along the streams and on the shores of small pools, there are the breeding grounds of plovers and little egrets, while the osprey builds its nest in elevated position. Migratory birds such as flamingos regularly stop over at S'Albufera Natural Park. In the protected area, salt and fresh water mix and create brackish water that allows certain species to flourish. The nature park is located directly on the bay of Alcúdia and is where the mountain streams and rivers drain into the Mediterranean Sea.

Parc Natural Cala Mondrago
Parc Natural Cala Mondrago is located in the southeast of Mallorca between the lively resort of Cala d'Or and the picturesque fishing village of Cala Figuera. This area of approximately eight square kilometres was named a nature conservation area in 1992. Idyllic beaches with turquoise blue sea are to be found at Caló des Borgit and Cala Mondrago. The picturesque bay of S'Amardor is bordered by dunes with small inland lagoons. In addition to pine forests, the park is home to an olive-pistachio hardwood forest. Foraging feral goats roam the magical forest and steppe landscapes and in certain coastal regions you will encounter the resettled Mediterranean turtle.

Tramuntana mountains Mallorca

Parc Natural de Sa Dragonera
Sa Dragonera Natural Park is located on the southwest coast of Mallorca, at the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains. It spreads around the uninhabited rocky island of Sa Dragonera, which stands opposite Port d'Andratx. You can get a boat from the harbour at Port D’Andratx as well as Sant Elm in the summer if you wish to visit the island. The sparse vegetation on Sa Dragonera includes broom bushes and a bright red lichen species. Coral gulls, shearwaters and Mediterranean gulls live on the island and share it with the Dragonera lizard, an endemic reptile species only found on this island.