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Water Parks in Mallorca

Water Parks in Mallorca

The top water parks in Mallorca

Mega-slides, waterfalls, wave pools and swimming pools - water parks are an irresistible magnet for children and teenagers. While the parents relax under shady umbrellas on the lawn, the children can enjoy some crazy water fun under supervision We will introduce you to the top water parks in Mallorca and explain about the special features and attractions of these giant leisure centres.

Aqualand Waterpark SArenal

Aqualand Waterpark S'Arenal
On the south coast of Mallorca, in that Mecca of nightlife, S'Arenal you can barely miss Aqualand Waterpark. The recreational arena is one of the largest water parks in the world and has a wealth of attractions for visitors. Visitors need strong nerves on the “Kamikaze” water slide, where you go through narrow tubes at a near vertical angle until you free fall into the depths of the splash pool.

On the "Tornado" waterfall, you are whirled round in a circle and the "Anaconda" consists of a system of intertwined tubes. The “Rapids” tyre slide is like going Whitewater Rafting and the "Black Hole" ride has you sitting on a tyre at breakneck speed through a 12-metre-long dark tube.

Aqualand Waterpark is not only for adrenaline junkies though. In the Kidzworld section, families with children are guaranteed a lovely day out. A dragon, which spouts water awaits the little ones at Dragonland and Adventureland has several water slides with parallel tracks. Tots can splash around in the shallow water at Children's Paradise to their heart's content. One of the most popular attractions is the Grand Canyon water slide, which is equally challenging for parents and their children. The water park offers a parrot show, a petting zoo and a mini-farm.

Western Waterpark Magaluf
From the beginning of May to the end of September, the Western Waterpark in Magaluf opens its doors to visitors. The amusement park has the steepest and highest water slide in Mallorca bearing the ominous name of "The Beast", which involves a 30 m vertical drop down a tube. This gives you the feeling of being in free fall, which really sets the adrenaline off.

Lots of fun and action is guaranteed on the"Boomerang", "Tornado" and "Crazy Horses" water slides. "Boomerang" in particular really stands out as being exciting and fun.

The Western Waterpark in Magaluf was originally planned as a theme park with a cowboy village and stunt shows. It was not exactly a resounding success and, the concept had to be reconsidered and managed to recreate itself as a spectacular water park.

There is a lot to do at the water park - especially for children. Thundering waterfalls and a 260-metre half-pipe called "Grand Canyon" provide entertainment for young and old. The youngest water park visitors will experience moments full of fun and adventure in "Darky Park", on the "La Ponderosa" and in "Coyote Park" water slides.

Hidropark Port d´Alcúdia

Hidropark Port d'Alcúdia
Hidropark Port d'Alcúdia is located in the north of Mallorca in the seaside resort of Alcúdia. It is a combination of a water and leisure park and offers a number of other attractions in addition to numerous water slides and swimming pools. Water slides with names like "Kamikaze" and "Line & Line" make for a great day out although some water slides such as "Slice Race" and "Soft Track" offer a more gentle ride.

In the Children's World, a flame-red octopus watches over three star-shaped mini-slides, while in the Wave Pool, young and old can splash in the rolling waves.

The water attractions include the "Spiral" slide, which winds around a metal bar, and the Floating Water Balls. In the case of the latter, visitors are inside an oversized plastic ball that move across the water by shifting their weight.

The range of things to do in the Hidropark is supplemented by various attractions that have little or nothing to do with waves or water slides. You can take a boat tour, jump on trampolines and climb climbing tubes if you so choose. There is also a crazy golf course with 54 holes and a self-service restaurant, pizzeria and cafeteria which keep the pangs of hunger at bay. Visitors who have left their swimwear in the hotel or apartment can buy swimming supplies and swimwear in a small on-site boutique. For safety reasons, children under the age of six must wear arm bands in all pools and on all water slides.

Marineland Mallorca

Marineland, Costa d'en Blanes
Not a classic water park but still a top destination in Mallorca is Marineland Costa d'en Blanes. The sea theme park is located on the highway that connects Andratx with Palma de Mallorca, about ten kilometres west of the island's capital. It is a dolphinarium with a maritime zoo, which has many different attractions to offer.

Among the highlights is the daily dolphin show, in which the grey marine mammals perform impressive acrobatic jumps. The secret stars of the show include the California sea lions, who like to be photographed with the visitors.

In the aquarium you can admire the exotic aquatic inhabitants from tropical oceans. In addition to the colourful doctor and clown fish, there are sharks, rays and scorpion fish living in the ponds and pools. The tropical house is a playground for numerous lizards, iguanas and exotic birds. Crocodiles and piranhas live in the water, while flamingos search for food in shallow outdoor lagoons. A separate part of the tropical house has been set aside for monkeys. Marineland has a children's playground with paddling pool in its grounds and in the mini-park a pirate ship is a perfect place for the little ones to let off steam. In addition to dolphin and sea lion shows, colourful parrots also demonstrate their intelligence in various live performances.