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Golf in Mallorca

Golf in Mallorca

Golf in Mallorca

Golfen auf MallorcaWith more than 20 golf courses, Mallorca is the top destination in the western Mediterranean for passionate golfers. The island is only two and a half to three hours away from most UK airports.

Golf in Mallorca: tee off with a beautiful Mediterranean backdrop
You will find the 24 golf courses nestled in a Mediterranean landscape with a fantastic view of the sea or the mountains on the island all over the island. The largest density of well-maintained facilities can be found on the south coast of Mallorca. Around the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca, there are 18 golf courses, some of which were designed by renowned architects. Golf Park Puntiró Mallorca, is located about nine kilometres inland from Palma, and golfers are enthralled by its natural setting. It is located on the site of an old farm and the landscape has been only very slightly modified since those days lending it a certain appeal. The more ambitious golfers should not miss a trip to the 18-hole course at Andratx. The course has the longest par 5 hole in Spain. Due to the long distances between holes, the use of a golf cart is a must. On the southeast coast is the scenic and very attractive golf course Vall d'Or near Felantix. Fantastic views of the sea open up between the rolling fairways and its pines, almond trees and olive trees give the resort a real Mediterranean flair.

Golf lessons under professional guidance
The golf schools in Mallorca offer beginners the optimal conditions to learn the techniques of the game under professional guidance. Trained golf coaches will guide you through and help you improve your swing as part of an individual training programme. Golf courses and lessons can easily be booked in Spanish, English and German. In 1990, the PGA golf teacher Juan Schmidt Coll founded Mallorca's first European golf school in the island's capital. The professional offers courses for beginners, where you can work on your individual game depending on your skills and requirements as well as exclusive courses for advanced learners. Of course, you can ask on any golf course near your hotel whether a taster courses or individual training is offered on site. During the summer, putting courses, driving lessons and family day classes are part of the standard repertoire of most golf courses. Golf lessons in Mallorca are composed of theory and practical. Knowledge of the rules and golf etiquette are valued and taught as much as mastering the right technique.

Golf in Mallorca: Year-round playable courses
You can play golf in Mallorca all year round. Those with local knowledge tend to go for pre-and post-season discounts on the beautiful Mediterranean courses. In spring and autumn, it is not as oppressively humid as in midsummer and playing golf is a true pleasure. In the high season between mid-June and mid-September, the golf courses are rarely booked due to the heat. The operators lure golfers in during this time with discounts and additional services. For frequent players, the Mallorca Golfcard is a worthy investment because as a card holder you benefit from several advantages depending on the package you select. Among other things, you can choose the option for a companion of your choice to play on 15 golf courses for free or one with a discount on green fee use.