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Horse Riding in Mallorca

Horse Riding in Mallorca

Horse Riding in Mallorca

A horse riding trip through shady pine forests or on the beach is a lovely change of scenery for many travellers on holiday in Mallorca. The largest Balearic Island has the highest density of horses anywhere in Europe.

Reiten Mallorca

The whole year is riding season in Mallorca. November and the winter months are particularly popular however, when the holiday island falls into a long sleep of several months, there are some fantastic opportunities to enjoy the deserted freedom on horseback on deserted beaches. Numerous stables in Mallorca offer rides in the outdoors. Whether you decide to take part in a trip to Cala Mondrago Natural Park on the east coast, in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana or on the beaches at the bay of Alcúdia, is entirely your choice.

Holidaying on a horse farm
If you see the word “Rancho” this will tell you instantly that this is a riding stable. The operators usually offer holistic holiday packages that focus on first hand contact with the horses. Accommodation on a horse farm usually means guest rooms with typical rustic fittings or in a finca. Catering is mostly half-board and includes breakfast and a set menu in the evening. Since most equestrian centres are located in the interior of Mallorca, it is advisable to rent a car, to keep you flexible during your riding holiday.

We offer a comprehensive programme. Each day, you can take part in a 1-3-hour horse ride, where you will experience the breath taking natural Mediterranean landscapes of Mallorca as you pass through pine forests, orange groves and windmills. Riding on the beach is usually only possible outside the main season. Most riding centres offer complete packages with a certain number of equestrian days. Additional rides must be booked directly with your hosts in this case.

Learn to ride a horse in Mallorca
Learning to ride in Mallorca also involves mastering the right techniques and commands. While experienced riders may roam the countryside alone or as part of a group, riding lessons are first and foremost offered for beginners. Even children over the age of four can learn to ride a horse on a Mallorcan horse farm. Gentle ponies are used for the youngest. For adult riding students, lessons are initially quite long as you get to grips with the correct posture in the saddle and how to interact with the animal. Another key part of the course is learning how to take care of the horses. Participants are trained in guiding, balancing, saddling and stable work.

Horses in Mallorcan riding stables
Owners of stables in Mallorca are usually pretty rigid about animal welfare. Most of the horses live in groups in a field and only live in individual stalls if it deemed in the best interests of the individual horse. The animals are gentle and patient and have been thoroughly broken in. As they live outdoors and socialise with each other, the animals are rarely nervous, even on main roads. In Mallorca, many different breeds of horses are used – Andalusians and Camargue horses are among the most popular though. The latter have a strong physique and are originally from Provence in the south of France. The next most commonly seen breed are Menorquins. These are pure bred horses from the neighbouring island of Menorca.