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Almond blossom in Mallorca

Almond blossom in Mallorca

Almond blossom in Mallorca

At the end of January, when the winter is full of snow and sleet, spring is just starting in Mallorca with the almond blossom in bloom. Over a period of a few weeks, the beaches and bays play second fiddle to the beauty of the almond tree plantations between Selva and Son Servera.

Almond Blossom Mallorca

Around seven million almond trees are in full bloom in Mallorca between late January and early March. The air is filled with the beguiling scent of white-pink flowers and a kaleidoscope of colour.

Mallorca's almond blossom: a natural spectacle for spring
The almond blossom in Mallorca is a treat for all the senses. With mild temperatures of 15 degrees from the end of January, the buds of almond trees and whole swathes of the island shine in a bright pink, white and rose.

This natural spectacle begins at the end of January. If you want to fully enjoy the splendour of colour, visit the centre of the island between late January and mid-February. Now and then, colder weather periods can set in and delay the almond blossom, but by mid- to late February the trees are in full bloom in most regions making the landscape a beautiful combination of white and pink.

Fully formed almond blossoms consist of five petals ranging from white to pink in colour, which are grouped around the bright red-violet-coloured flower cup. This array of colours in Mallorca lasts until the beginning of March.

Almond blossom

Holiday regions with the best almond blossom
Almond trees do not grow in all regions of Mallorca in large numbers. In the north, they grow only sporadically and in the Tramuntana mountains they are rather rare. The almond blossom on the east coast and the interior of the island is especially lush.

Between Porto Colom and Cala Millor you will find a variety of attractive photo opportunities. Hundreds of thousands of almond trees are also in full bloom at the end of January in the south and southeast. In the region around Llucmajor, in the south of Mallorca, the first buds open. Later, the inland regions follow. North of Palma de Mallorca, Marratxi, Selva and lloseta are home to a fascinating array of flowers. In the southwest of the island, it is worth taking a trip to the region of Sóller or Andratx to enjoy the magical colours.

Almond tree plantations that attract the visitor’s attention are not the only places where the almonds grow. In many semi-wild gardens, surrounded by low dry-stone walls, many almond trees are also in full bloom.

Blooming almond tree Mallorca

Almond blossom fair in Son Servera
The almond blossom in Mallorca has become a popular natural phenomenon. When we take this into consideration, it is not really surprising that there is a festival dedicated to this natural spectacle.

In Son Servera, on the east coast of Mallorca, since 2010, the "Fira de la flor de l'ametler" fair has been held. In the garden of a charismatic manor house, the almond blossom fair is held one Sunday in early February each year. Traders and farmers present their wares made from Mallorcan almonds at specially erected stalls. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and dry-field cultivation, the ripe almonds have a sweet aroma and a high content of protein and fatty acids.

In addition to the almond liqueur, Flor d'Ametlla, and the sweet Turrón (nougat), visitors to the fair can purchase jams, soaps, skin creams and sweet baked goods. Admission is free and there is usually an exhibition of Mallorcan dancing taking place to entertain visitors.