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Celebrities in Mallorca

Celebrities in Mallorca

Celebrities living in Mallorca

Most holiday makers, generally would not think of meeting international celebrities in Mallorca. People travel on budget airlines into Palma and tend to down a bucket load of sangria over a few days without really thinking about stars and celebrities.

luxury yacht in a harbour on Mallorca

People like Til Schweiger, the Catherine Zeta-Jones / Michael Douglas family and several other big-name stars live quietly on the island. Some spend chunks of the year in Mallorca staying in huge fincas. This article is not going to focus on B-list celebrities. Instead, we will focus on big name stars from the world of art, acting and music: here are the top 6 big names in Mallorca!

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas liked to refer to the estate of S'Estaca near Valldemossa as an oasis of calm where he recharged his batteries. He spent a lot of time here with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones when there was no filming. But that did not stop the couple from trying to sell up since 2014. At first, the Hollywood couple wanted a whopping 50 million euros, but they have reduced their asking price for the 1,000 m² property set on 100 hectares of land. This is a snip now for those with around 36 million to spare.

2. Boris Becker
In 1997 Boris Becker was still playing tennis and he fell in love with a somewhat remote piece of land near Artà and built a villa called "Son Coll". If you follow the tabloid stories of Becker’s financial decline you will know all about Becker’s financial problems and have read  that his villa was only valued at 4 million euros by a London court, when he was declared bankrupt and had debts to pay off. Nevertheless, the property is on the market at 12.5 million but experts doubt whether that is so realistic. Although Becker has rarely been seen too often on the island since a notorious house party in 2006.

3. Herbert Grönemeyer
The German singer-songwriter and Das Boot actor, Herbery Grönemeyer has a place in the north of the island close to Sóller in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana. His well-known doctor brother, Dietrich Grönemeyer, lives there most of the year writing bestselling books.

4. Til Schweiger
Film star/director/producer, restaurateur, interior designer among other thing likes to get away from the hustle and bustle in his 300 year old finca in the Sierra Tramuntana, that he purchased in 2013.

5. Rafael Nadal
As a native Mallorcan, it goes without saying that, if you have the necessary assets, you can also set up home here. Rafael Nadal, the greatest Spanish tennis player ever, comes from Manacor and lives in the east of the island. He lives there with almost his entire family; however, he has now indulged in a chic villa in Porto Cristo directly by the sea.

6. King Juan Carlos
The King of Spain has an extensive summer residence in Cala Major where he spends most of his time since he abdicated in favour of his son, Felipe, in 2014. When Felipe is in Mallorca, the young king "rules" his kingdom from his place in Palma, which is directly opposite the cathedral.