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Watersports & Sailing

Watersports & Sailing

Watersports and Waterfun in Mallorca

Surfing, sailing, stand-up paddling, diving - water sports are hugely popular in Mallorca all year round.
Adrenaline junkies can battle the waves with the kiteboard or test the limits of their canyoning abilities. If you want to take it easy, explore the coast by stand-up paddling or as part of a boat tour.

Segelboot vor der Küste Mallorcas

Work the winds: sailing in Mallorca
The soft clacking of the sails, when a gentle breeze moves over the water, is a familiar sound in Mallorca’s many marinas. For some tourists, just seeing the white hulls bobbing up and down on the turquoise water make them long to go on a boat trip, where the wind ruffles their hair and sprays white foam under the keel. In Mallorca, this is an easy plan to put into action. In numerous marinas, operators offer sailing trips. If you choose you can take a hands-on approach and support the crew and drop anchor in some of the more remote bays. Monohulls are not the only boats you’ll see on the waters of Mallorca - catamarans are also fairly common and many sailing schools offer courses for all levels of experience.

Fun on the waves: windsurfing and kitesurfing
The bay of Alcúdia and the bay of Pollença are the kitesurfing hotspots in Mallorca. You can watch the water sports aficionados’ colourful sails dancing through the air as you enjoy a cappuccino or an iced energy drink in the cafés and beach bars. A constant breeze seems to prevail on the north coast of the island and this makes it perfect for kitesurfers to ride the crests. There are several bits of coastline ideal for windsurfing in Mallorca. The Bay of Alcúdia is a popular surfing area, as is also the Bay of Palma and Es Trenc is another fine place for water sports lovers.

faszinierende Unterwasserwelt Mallorcas

Colourful underwater worlds to discover: diving and snorkelling
It is a fascinating experience to admire giant grouper fish, shoals of gilthead bream and red and yellow horn corals in their natural habitat beneath the surface of the water. When diving in Mallorca this wish becomes a reality. Increasingly more tourists are choosing to do a diving course on their holiday on the island. The pinnacle of the training is going on a liveaboard safari, where you can get up close and personal with barracudas, cuttlefish and sea anemones. Similarly, keen swimmers can enjoy the spectacular views of the Mallorcan underwater world by snorkelling in the remarkably calm and beautiful waters of Mallorca. The steeply sloping rock walls and cliffs in the bays are rich in natural bio-diversity and are a stunning visual experience.

Action and adventure: canyoning and deep sea fishing
Those who love thrills and are not afraid to take a risk or two, tend to love canyoning in Mallorca. The combination of water sports and climbing has a very special appeal for many. The participants follow the water’s journey through deep-eroded gorges in the Tramuntana mountains. Wade through waist-deep pools, climb over boulders and abseil down steep rock faces. Some outdoor organisers offer tours with a local guide. Fishing is every bit as fun a pastime in Mallorca - especially if you book a deep-sea fishing trip, which promises lots of thrills and spills. It is known as "Big Game Fishing" and apart from the fun of being out on the waves, people often end up landing a swordfish or something equally impressive.

junge Familie beim Stand Up Paddling auf Mallorca

Stand-up paddling and kayaking fun
Stand-up paddling is a relatively new leisure activity in Mallorca for families and has its roots in the USA. Water sports enthusiasts often know it by the acronym of SUP. Standing upright on a board equipped with a piercing paddle is a great way for outdoor sports lovers to embark on a journey of discovery in the calm coastal waters. Kayaking tours in Mallorca are an alternative way of getting an overview of the coastlines as you leisurely manoeuvre past rock faces, beaches and bays. Wherever you like, take a break and pull the light boat out of the water onto the shore. If you do not want to paddle yourself, you can hire a “chauffeur” to do the work for you as you glide across the water. Boat trips and boat tours are very popular on the island. Whether you take a speedboat trip to the island of Cabrera, go on a dolphin safari or explore the Mallorcan coast in a chartered yacht, the choice is yours.