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Canyoning in Mallorca

Canyoning in Mallorca

Canyoning in Mallorca

Canyoning MallorcaCanyoning is an action-packed leisure activity amidst a world of rock and water as the adrenaline kicks in on one of the exciting tours you will ever try through narrow gorges. This is one of the ultimate tests for an extreme sports fan in Mallorca.

Canyoning Mallorca: following the water
The secret that Mallorca has more to offer than just beach, sangria and dancing the night away is gradually becoming more well known. The stunning landscapes with the wild rugged Tramuntana mountains in the northwest are the backdrop for spectacular outdoor activities such as canyoning. On these tours you follow the water’s path, which over millions of years has dug deep gorges into the mountains. Between towering cliffs, you wade through the ice-cold water of mountain streams, which will come up to your hips at times in some places. Abseil down 20 m high rock walls until you land in the rock pools at the bottom. There are some nooks and crannies that you can only reach through the water while others are so dark that you will need a headlamp.

Guided canyoning tours in Mallorca
Canyoning in Mallorca guarantees thrills, spills and physical endurance amidst magnificent natural landscapes. There has been a significant increase in demand for outdoor tourism in recent years and guided canyoning is booming. Numerous tour operators offer canyoning in the Serra de Tramuntana under the expert supervision of a local guide. The groups normally take up to eight people and are assigned based on the experience and the current state of fitness of the participants. While the tours for advanced canyoners make high demands in terms of endurance and fitness, the family tours are much more leisurely. Jumping into metre-deep pools, abseiling down steep walls and swimming in rock pools are not included on the programme for families.

Equipment is provided by the organiser
If you want to take part in a guided canyoning tour in Mallorca, you do not have to spend three figure sums on equipment as all the equipment is provided by the organisers. The most important items include a wetsuit and a helmet. The material of the wetsuit keeps the body warm while canyoning. This is important because the water from the mountain streams is surprisingly cold. In addition to that, straps, ropes and snap hooks are provided. Optionally, some outdoor organisers offer shoes for rent for a small fee. All you need to think about is that you have some dry clothing for afterwards as no fibre of your clothing will be dry anymore. The same goes for shoes. If you use your own shoes with tread sole, you must carry dry footwear in your luggage.

Canyoning gorges in Mallorca
Local tour operators offer canyoning tours of varying degrees of difficulty in various gorges. Torrente Coanegra is ideal for beginners. The canyon is located near the village of Orient and has several pools, which are well filled especially after rain. For a bit more of a challenge there is the tour through Torrente de Na Mora – this features jumping in the pools, abseiling and climbing. The highlight of one of these tours is that if the weather permits, the tour ends at Sa Fosqueta where you leave the canyon and jump into the turquoise Mediterranean.
Torrente Sa Fosca is something of a rough diamond among the gorges, combining the entire range of canyoning activities over a length of 6.5 km. The challenging tour is classified as difficult and should only be tackled by experienced and fit canyoners.