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Catamaran Mallorca

Catamaran Mallorca

Catamaran Mallorca: Sailing under sunny skies

Katamaran MallorcaAn azure sky arching over the deep blue sea, as two hulls cut through the deep blue waves like lightning - Catamaran sailing is considered the Formula 1 of sailing.

In Mallorca, a catamaran is the idea thing to make your sailing dreams come true. The island offers a coastline of contrasts with idyllic bays, white sandy beaches and perfectly equipped marinas. From May to October, the water in the coastal waters is perfect for bathing. A catamaran is a sailing boat with two hulls. The boats need only a little wind to hit the surf. Enjoy the feeling of unlimited freedom that involuntarily kicks in as the catamaran gains speed. A sailing trip with one of these double-hulled boat is the perfect way to explore picturesque bays, which can only be reached from the water. Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and get up close with bream, barracudas and sea turtles.

Learn to sail a catamaran: basic and advanced course
A sailing trip in a catamaran is sure to leave a lasting impression on all involved. After the virgin voyage on a catamaran some people decided to take up catamaran sailing for themselves and several sailing schools between Alcúdia in the north and Palma de Mallorca in the southwest offer catamaran courses of various difficulty levels. In addition, the organisers rent out catamarans for 1-3 people by the hour or by the day. However you do need a valid catamaran sailing licence for this.

In simple terms there are two types of courses available: basic and advanced. The basic course offers beginners a great overview of a new hobby. Fast and maneuverable catamarans are used to help students learn how to ‘tack’, ‘jib’ and manoeuvre. Basically, you have 5-7 days to plan to get your catamaran licence. Classes last up to three hours a day. You can only take an advanced course if you have a basic knowledge of catamaran sailing and the skills from the basic course will be consolidated.

Sailing trip in the coastal waters
In almost all resorts on the Mallorcan coast, local tour operators offer sailing trips by catamaran. These tours take you to picturesque bays with turquoise waters and last several hours. The crew looks after you and prepares lunch or dinner in the style of an American barbecue. The catering is one obvious draw as is the provision of snorkelling gear that is included in the price. You can anchor the catamaran in the most beautiful bays imaginable and snorkel in the crystal-clear water. Alternatively, you can actively participate in catamaran sailing by helping the crew out.