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Kayaking in Mallorca

Kayaking in Mallorca

Kayaking the Mallorcan coastline

Kayaking in Mallorca is like leaving one world and going to the next as you leisurely paddle along the coast and discover secluded coves, mysterious grottoes and dramatic cliffs.

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Booking a kayaking trip is an excellent alternative to the beach for a day and helps you to get to know the island from a completely new perspective. Mallorca has countless hidden natural treasures, which can only be reached by water, and are waiting to be discovered by those who choose to find out. Outdoor tourism operators know only too well, the true beauty of off-the-beaten-track Mallorca and many operate guided kayak tours, which lead you to the most charming coastal areas on the island. Gently glide through dark caves that lead deep into the mountain as the water is reflected on the cave ceiling conjuring up mysterious reflections on the rock surface.

If you do not want to join a guided kayaking tour, you can also rent a boat and go on a voyage of discovery along the coast. The quiet bays make a perfect stopover for snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. Sea anemones and stony corals populate the cliffs, and squid and moray eels live in hidden crevasses. The main watersports season in Mallorca begins in May, when the sun has warmed the waters of the Mediterranean to pleasant levels. The season draws to a close at the end of October when the last tourists have left the island and the outdoor organisers prepare for the winter break.

Kayaking tours by outdoor activity organisers
Guided kayaking tours are offered in almost all coastal areas of Mallorca. The most spectacular areas are on the north and west coast, where the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana plunge steeply into the sea and form an intriguing coastal landscape. Kayak tours usually start at 9:00 am in the Bay of Pollença and Port de Sóller and wrap up before lunch. At this time it is almost always calm in the summer and the water in the bays is mirror-smooth in the sunshine. After a 20-minute briefing on how to use the boat and paddle, you will embark on an exciting discovery tour along the coast. Some organisers also advertise that you can see dolphins, cormorants and Eleonora hawks on the way, which is an added bonus.

A kayak trip take between two and four hours. The advantage of a guided tour lies in the guides’ local knowledge as they are, naturally, familiar with the most beautiful bays, caves and rock formations. Since the boats are made of lightweight fibreglass or carbon, they can be easily pulled ashore. If you need a wetsuit, you can borrow it for a fee from the guide. Life jackets are usually provided free of charge.