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Kitesurfing in Mallorca

Kitesurfing in Mallorca

Kitesurfing in Mallorca

Kitesurfing is an action-packed leisure activity that is enjoying growing popularity in Mallorca. The hotspots of the kitesurfing scene are in the north of the island at the bay of Alcúdia and  Playa de Palma in the south.

Kitesurfen Mallorca

Kitesurfing is an exciting and skilled sport which requires both strength and technique. The equipment consists of the board, the bar with the control lines and the kite itself. The latter is a stunt kite that is broadly rectangular in shape, and it is this that creates the motion. When the kite fills with wind, the board starts to move as you start to zip over the waves.

For kitesurfing, a wetsuit is a must. Even if the water temperatures on the coast of Mallorca in summer are 25 degrees, the heat-insulating material prevents the body from cooling too much.

The wind force has an effect on the size of the kite. If it blows at a consistently high speed, a smaller kite is recommended to keep your speed under control therefore minimising danger. At lower wind speeds, the kite can afford to be a bit bigger. The numerous kitesurfing schools schools will always have the right equipment based on the weather conditions that day. Courses of different levels of difficulty are offered and certification is offered by many schools.

Bay of Alcudia
Kitesurfers need constant wind and the bay of Alcúdia is perfect for this. The bay stretches for about 30 km on the north coast. Part of the bay borders S'Albufera nature reserve . The water is shallow and there are rarely any overly dramatic waves. The wind blows in the bay of Alcúdia primarily from the north or east and comes in coastwards. In the peak season, kitesurfing on this stretch of coast is not officially allowed as the beaches are designated as bathing areas. Between October and May Playa Son Serra beach is the number one spot for kitesurfing. This 1,500 m long sandy beach has a beach bar and only a few hotels.

Bay of Pollença
In the north of Mallorca, where the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana steeply fall into the Mediterranean, you will find the Bay of Pollença. It is a paradise for kitesurfers because of the stable wind conditions and is the only part of the coastline on the island where kitesurfing is allowed all year round. While in spring and autumn the wind blows predominantly from the north, thermal wind blows mostly onshore in the summer. In the early morning hours winds are still weak, but from noon they pick up steadily. On sunny days, you can see hundreds of colourful stunt kites just above the water surface. In Port d'Pollença several kitesurfing schools have set up - most of which have instructors who can speak English and some German.

Bay of Palma
The Bay of Palma, which also contains the popular resorts of Magaluf and El Arenal, offers the best kitesurfing conditions outside the main season. Can Pastilla and the beach of El Molinar are the hotspots on this bay that spans five-kilometre in width. In autumn and winter, a strong south wind often blows. In this case, Can Pastilla offers the best surfing conditions whereas if the wind is westerly, the conditions around Palma Aquarium near Palma de Mallorca are best. Under no circumstances should you come near the bathing areas with a kite board. Failure to comply with the kitesurfing ban in the waters near the beach will result in heavy fines.