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Sailing in Mallorca

Sailing in Mallorca

Sailing in Mallorca

Segeln auf MallorcaIdyllic bays with small sandy or pebble beaches, modern marinas with first-class facilities and crystal-clear water make Mallorca an excellent place for sailing.

Romance on the waves in Mallorca
Mallorca has an outstanding maritime infrastructure. More than 80 bays with anchorage are spread along the 550 km long coast of the Balearic Island. While the long stretch of coast between the Cap Formentor and Dragonera (approximately 90 km) is difficult to access, one of the most popular sailing areas in Europe is located on the north coast of Mallorca - the Bay of Pollença. The wind conditions are excellent and there are very few large shoals of fish. There are over 40 marinas with first-class facilities in Mallorca. Some are located in picturesque natural bays such as the marina in Port d'Sóller, others have been created artificially and serve as anchorage for professional sailors and sailing enthusiasts alike. Apart from the occasional tight manoeuvres in to some of the narrow bays, the coastal regions of Mallorca are not very demanding for sailors. One of the highlights for many tourists is a Mediterranean sailing trip.

Sailing in Mallorca: organised trips
Numerous tour operators in Mallorca offer sailing trips to the coastal waters. Tour operators’ are easy to find near the marinas in the larger resorts. If you want to breathe some fresh salty air for the first time we would recommend a half day trip. After leaving the harbour, the breeze makes the sails tighten and the boat starts to pick up speed. You can feel the salty taste of the sea on your lips when the spray splashes up from the slender hull. In no time at all you will get a feeling of freedom sets on the open sea. In addition to several-hour getaways. Mallorca also offers full-day sailing trips and multi-day sailing trips. These trips drop anchor in picturesque bays and allow tourists to snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Some coves on the west coast of Mallorca can only be reached by sea. The skipper will always know the most beautiful places and you will not be disappointed. On the way you will have the opportunity to help out the crew should you wish and to get a bird’s eye view of how a boat’s captain navigates and plans his course.

Sailing courses for self-caterers
Numerous holidaymakers discover their passion for the ocean after a sailing trip in Mallorca and decide to book a course. Numerous organisers offer taster courses and professional training. Those who are undecided whether water sports are actually for them, have the opportunity to attend a beginner's course for a relatively small price. No previous knowledge is required and after a short theory lesson, you set sail. For sailing enthusiasts it is possible to acquire a motor boat licence in Mallorca. You have the choice between a 14-day training course and a one-week compact course. Some prior and practical knowledge is required for both these courses. If you already have a sailing licence, you can rent a sailboat any day you like in Mallorca. There is a choice of yachts of varying sizes, suitable for group outings of up to 10 participants. Alternatively you can charter your own yacht including skipper and crew.