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Diving in Mallorca

Diving in Mallorca

Diving in Mallorca

Tauchen auf MallorcaColourful stony corals, giant groupers and expansive beds of seagrass – Mallorca has a diverse and colourful underwater world, which you can explore during diving trips.

Colourful underwater world
The underwater world off Mallorca's coasts is colourful and can easily compete with tropical oceans in terms of biodiversity. The rocky shores on the west and north coasts, as well as the long bays in the southeast, are home to a variety of marine life. The largest fish include groupers, which go to the edges of the rock in search of food. Swarms of gilthead bream slowly move over gently swaying meadows of seagrass and in the rocky shorelines cuttlefish and moray eels hide in small caves. Sea anemones scan the environment with their tentacles and hard corals cling to the rocky seabed. In some places, starfish glide over the ocean floor at a snail's pace, while swarms of barracudas swim just below the surface of the water. The numerous underwater grottos are home to numerous sea creatures seeking protection from predators. Discover this microcosm below the surface of the water while on a diving course, which are offered in many resorts across Mallorca.

Diving trips in the coastal waters
There are lots of diving centres in Mallorca, where operators offer so-called ‘diving safaris’ in the coastal waters. The diving centres provide all the equipment necessary ranging from oxygen cylinders to diving suits. Most participants arrive by boat to the dive sites. The inflatables are extremely manoeuvrable and can manoeuvre easily even in hard-to-access coastal areas. In addition to the boat trips, you can also gain access to many of the sites from the land. On the west coast of Mallorca, the sea is usually shallow and just a few metres out the colourful iridescent underwater world starts. Some multi-day diving safaris can still be booked in the autumn. The expeditions are carried out with sailing or motor boats and may even head to the neighbouring of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Diving season in Mallorca
The tourist diving season in Mallorca begins in mid-June and ends in October. During this time, the water temperature is between 22 and 28 degrees, making diving on Mallorca a true pleasure. The visibility under the water surface at most dive spots is about 30 m. The increasing popularity of diving is reflected in the growing popularity of diving centres in the summer months. In July and August, there may be a high demand so it is advisable to book in good time. In the off-season, the situation becomes more relaxed and you can often make a booking on spec.

Diving courses in Mallorca
For those wanting to, a diving course is the perfect thing to do while self-catering in Mallorca. The diving centre on the coast offer courses in various categories that are based on the level of knowledge of the participants. A trial dive in the pool will get you used to the equipment Diving courses for beginners usually take several hours and include a dive up to a maximum depth of 5 m. The special courses offered have a specific thematic focus. With night diving, deep diving and orientation diving, experienced divers can improve their skills and learn new diving practices.