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Stand Up Paddling in Mallorca

Stand Up Paddling in Mallorca

SUP - Stand Up Paddling - taking Mallorca by storm

SUP - these three letters stand for the latest craze that has taken Mallorca by storm. Stand up Paddling is a water sport for all ages and is about to establish itself as an integral part of Mallorcan tourism.

Standuppaddeln Mallorca

Stand up paddling: Fun for all ages
Stand up paddling is a fun sport for every age group. Its origins are from the South Seas, where Polynesian fishermen move from island to island standing on a canoe using a long paddle. In the 20th century surf instructors in Hawaii used a paddle to get out to the reefs and waves off the coast more quickly. For SUP you need a board and a specially designed paddle, which must be slightly taller than you are. In contrast to windsurfing, it is not about speed on the water, but about enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. You don’t need to be mega-fit to enjoy this sport but it is not as easy as you think at the beginning to balance on the board. However once you have mastered the paddle movements and how to stay upright, it is an extremely pleasant way to tour the coastlines.

SUP courses and equipment rental
Newcomers who have never been on an SUP board should take a short introductory course before ‘setting sail’. Many of Mallorca’s surfing schools offer brief but sufficient training under the guidance of trained surf instructors. The training lasts 1-2 hours and includes an introduction to water sports. You learn how the paddle has to make contact with the water at the correct angle and how to get your sense of balance on the board. Since the SUP boards are significantly wider than classic windsurfing boards, getting your balance is comparatively easy. Of course you can borrow equipment directly on site. Rental stations can be found in Can Pastilla, Portocolom, the Bay of Alcúdia and Paguera.

SUP tours: discovering Mallorca’s coastlines
In Mallorca's many resorts, numerous water sports centres offer guided SUP tours along the coastline. Accompanied by a local guide, you will discover secluded bays, wondrous caves and spectacular cliffs. You will be able to see things and places that are absolutely impossible to see unless you access them by water and you will experience the beauty of Mallorca from a completely new perspective. Two particularly pleasant options include canoeing in the sunrise on the east coast and cave tours along the rugged west coast. You have the choice between a two-hour SUP tour and a full-day excursion (which includes a packed lunch).

SUP specials in Mallorca
The board is not limited to gentle paddling up and down the coast however. Some operators offer ‘SUP Surf’ courses. This is a type of hybrid where you paddle out to sea first, and wait to catch a wave to bring you back in to the shores. A four hours course will be enough for you to acquire the right technique. The use of the board as a device for physiotherapy is slowly gaining acceptance. The board serves as a base that various exercises are performed on. Since the training sessions take place on the water, coordination is required. On request, night-time canoeing tours, close to the harbour are offered in some Mallorca holiday resorts under the name ‘Night SUP’.