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Surfing in Mallorca

Surfing in Mallorca

Surfing in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a number of attractive surfing spots along its 550 km of coastline. Water sports have enjoyed great popularity on the Balearic island for decades. In addition to windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing are also possible in some coves.

Surfen Mallorca

If you come to Mallorca for windsurfing or kitesurfing, it is imperative that the conditions are right - that means above all: wind. The wind blows across Mallorca from different directions and with varying intensity. The type of wind that is predominant is known as ‘Mistral’. It blows from a northerly to north-westerly direction and can strike up from seemingly nowhere. In Mallorca the Mistral is known as "Tramantora". Every now and then thick sheep-like clouds at high altitude give an indication that Tramantora is on its way.

The Levant is a wind that blows from the east and occurs mainly between May and October. Some typical signs of this wind are poor visibility and the sky appears full of thin cloud. Poniente is the name of a weak western wind. It blows mainly in the winter months between November and April but most often makes an appearance as the summer turns to winter. Mallorca also has thermal winds that are known locally as "Embat". Mallorca is well known for its sea breezes caused by the temperature differences between the land mass and Mediterranean Sea.

Kitesurfing in Mallorca
The only official kitesurfing spot in Mallorca is the bay of Pollença in the north of the island. All year-round surfers take to the water here with their colourful stunt kites. The mistral shows its most spectacular effects in this bay. In addition, the high mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, which frame the bay, produce the thermal winds. In Port d'Pollença, there are several surfing schools where you can rent the necessary kiteboarding equipment. Unofficial kitesurfing spots on the Mallorcan coast can be found in the bay of Alcúdia and in the bay of Palma in the southwest of the island.

Windsurfing spots for beginners and professionals
Mallorca’s coastline has numerous windsurfing spots in the resorts. The sheltered bays on the southeast coast near Cala d'Or and Portocolom are ideal for beginners. Further south, the kilometre-long sandy beach, Es Trenc offers good conditions for windsurfing thanks to first-class thermals. The same applies to the Bay of Alcúdia in the north of the island. The Bay of Palma has the strongest thermals. A real hotspot for surfing is Can Pastilla. The Bonaona Surf School & Bar and the El Niño Surf Centre are the place for windsurfers who don’t have their own equipment. On-site you can borrow board, sail and wetsuit by the hour. In addition, both facilities offer surf courses for beginners and advanced.

Surfing in autumn and winter
Surfing Hawaiian style is not a major thing in Mallorca due to the weak swell. The best conditions for this fun sport, however, await you in autumn and winter. After a storm the waves in some coastal regions can tower up to three metres high. In the northeast and east you will find the best conditions for surfing. At Cala Mitjada, at Son Serra de Marina or at Cala Mesquida you may be lucky and get the right kind of waves from time to time. Since there is no surfboard rental for classic surfing anywhere in Mallorca, you will need to bring your own equipment.