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Finding work in Mallorca

Finding work in Mallorca

Finding work in Mallorca

300 days of sunshine a year, open your front door or window to the Med and enjoy its ambience - Mallorca is a dream destination for millions. Many dream of settling permanently on the island and starting a new life under the Mediterranean sun. But life needs to be funded. For this reason, the search for work is the main priority for most. This search for paid employment can be a difficult undertaking and requires a great deal of flexibility on the part of job seekers.

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Job ads on internet pages and daily newspapers
Job boards on the Internet and the advertising columns of various daily newspapers are the first choice when people are job hunting in Mallorca. The websites are mostly written in Spanish, and occasionally in English. In general, jobs in Mallorca or any of the neighbouring Balearic Islands will be posted under "Islas Baleares" on Spanish sites rather than the more specific “Mallorca”.

Good Spanish skills are required if you are to filter the reputable jobs from the more dubious job offers. Without a passable level of Spanish this is no easy undertaking.

The truth is that the majority of jobs offered in Mallorca are for low-skilled workers for low-paid jobs. Domestic helpers, gardeners, promoters and call centre employees are all in high demand. Well-paid jobs are rarely openly advertised. However there are some temporary work agencies active in Mallorca. They operate their own internet portals, which advertise vacancies. Those willing to get out there and sell themselves face-to-face may well be lucky enough to get a better paid job.

Requirements for EU workers
EU workers must fulfil certain conditions and have certain qualifications in order to increase their chances in the Mallorcan labour market. Good qualifications, ideally with many years of professional experience, great commitment and evidence of teamwork experience are primarily what will make an applicant look interesting to employers in Mallorca - in addition to excellent spoken and written Spanish skills. This applies across all sectors, from the hotel industry to the construction trade. However there are also certain sectors where English or German are decided advantages - the restaurant and tourism industry primarily.

Good prospects in the tourism industry
If you are looking for a job in Mallorca, you must be aware of the economic structures on the island. Tourism is undoubtedly the major industry in Mallorca. Many hotel operators appreciate well-trained northern European staff because the employees are seen as being career-minded and efficient. A decent CV in the hotel and restaurant industry greatly increases your employment opportunities on the island. The good news is that the umbrella term ‘tourism’ is not only limited to chefs, bartenders or receptionists. Active and wellness tourism is now big business and there are positions available for fitness trainers, masseurs, aroma therapists and even yoga teachers and fitness coaches are now also being sought in Mallorca.

Some travel companies recruit staff in their home country and this means that you can often apply for work from your own country. Mallorca, in general, is a place where personal relationships are very important in the world of work, bureaucracy or politics so looking for work through a recruiter in your own country is a great way in, until you can establish local contacts. For example, those who want to work as tour guides at TUI España (formerly Thomsons) must be communicative and be prepared to put in a long working day despite the high temperatures. The advantage of working for a company like this is that you spend practically all day speaking your native language and Spanish beyond very basic are hardly required. However, you should bear in mind that working exclusively with your compatriots, whilst abroad, can be testing for some people.

Seasonal work and fixed-term contracts
Trade unionists from more prosperous countries would generally not be impressed by the conditions of the average job in Mallorca as seasonal work and fixed-term employment sometimes with long hours are the norm rather than the exception.  The hotel, gastronomy and tourism sectors operate mainly from the end of April to the end of October. In the winter half of the year, most hotels and restaurants close and most non-locals return home. The same applies to numerous boutiques in the tourist centres between Alcúdia and El Arenal.

There is little to no provision in work contracts for the winter months, which can put financial pressure on employees in the catering industry and this goes for locals too. In short, the wages and tips earned over the summer season need to stretch out throughout the winter.

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Those who get a job outside the tourism industry and the catering trade are also unlikely to get more than a temporary contract. Permanent contracts are very rare on the island. The reason for this is due to Spanish and European labour law which means that employers are required to pay permanent employees’ wages even in times of economic downturn and quiet spells therefore fixed-term contracts rule. If you are looking for a summer season job with a high chance of being hired, becoming a promoter is one of the best options.

Party promoters advertise on the beaches or on the waterfront and distribute flyers. Again, this is not for everyone: you need to be outgoing and pleasant as well as looking well-groomed and being between 18 and 35 years. The good news is that you need no qualifications to take on a job like this and earnings are quite high for Mallorca - between 1,500 and 1,650 Euros a month.

Self-employed in Mallorca
Due to a lack of lucrative job offers, many foreigners who want to emigrate decide to start their own small business in Mallorca. Many young want-to-be entrepreneurs arrive, dreaming of establishing or running a thriving cafe on the promenade, steakhouse or bar but many go back home with their tails between their legs and with a mountain of debt. This is statistically inevitable unless you are lucky or have a brilliant concept, as the competition has been intensely fierce on the island for decades now.

For those who still wish to proceed, the most important step is applying for an ‘N.I.E. Number’. This is a Spanish tax number and is imperative if you wish to get a work permit for Mallorca. This needs to be arranged through the Oficina de Extranjería (Department of Immigration) in the island's capital Palma de Mallorca and costs a small fee. As a self-employed person, you are also required to make monthly payments to the Spanish Social Security system and this amount is variable based on income.

Support for EU unemployed Job Seekers
People who are registered as unemployed in other EU countries are entitled to seek work legally in Mallorca. Many countries will stay pay benefits provided that the job seeker can actively prove that he or she is looking for work in Mallorca. This arrangement is allowed for three months and then you have to return home if you have not found anything. Should you choose to stay beyond that period, your benefits from your home country will stop. Be warned, however, that changes to laws like this are relatively frequent and can be at short notice. For more details ask your local Job Centre or research it online

We hope that this report has given you an insight into the job market in Mallorca and may help you to make a decision about working and living on the island.