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Language Schools an Courses

Language Schools an Courses

Learning Spanish made easy: language schools and language courses

440 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their native language. With a professional course at a language school or a language study trip to Mallorca and a bit of hard work, you too can be speaking the language in a very short time.

Majorca Language School

Learn Spanish in Spain: No more communication problems
Whether for children, students or adults - a professional language course is nearly always the most efficient way to learn a foreign language. Speaking the local language opens doors for you but also helps you to understand how a different culture works. And very few languages are more fun or useful than Spanish, because Spanish has flair and attitude and is one of the most widely used world languages - not only in Spain but also the USA has as many native speakers of Spanish as Spain does (over 40 million) while most of Central and South America and pockets of North Africa also use Spanish as the daily language.

A typical language course in Spain lasts between two and four weeks. After a short time, you should be able to make yourself understood in the national language and put sentences together and ask questions. The advantage of a language trip is that you will see the results immediately unlike doing a Spanish course twice a week in your home country. Further to this you will hear real people and learn the pronunciation more easily as well as getting to know the culture and pick up real-life expressions in real-life conditions. Spain is a wonderful place to learn a language and culture due to its fantastic Mediterranean climate, superb cuisine and cosmopolitan and vivacious people. On top of all that, there are first-class beaches and valuable cultural treasures, which you will get to know during a language study trip.

We can connect you with language schools and courses in Spain. All Spanish courses use modern learning methods, where passive and rote learning is very much out and communicative and practical methods are now very much in. The language is actively used by all participants during the language course. In this way, your vocabulary is constantly expanding, without individual participants feeling overwhelmed. Most providers offer complete packages including accommodation. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate and coast while learning a foreign language at the same time: why not get in touch and we will fix you up with the right place for you.

Please watch this space as will soon be publishing details of language schools and teachers so that you can book language trips with accommodation included.

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