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Mallorca Planetarium Costitx

Mallorca Planetarium Costitx

Mallorca Planetarium Costitx - Reach For The Stars

Planetarium Costitx in MallorcaThe Mallorca Planetarium is located in the small community of Costitx in the interior of Mallorca. In addition to a dome used for the projection of the starry sky, the complex also features an observatory used by scientists.

Spectacular star projections in the metal dome
Opened in 1991, the Mallorca Planetarium is replete with state-of-the-art technology. The planetarium projector can project around 6,000 stars with the utmost precision. The result is an astounding visualisation of the night sky, which wows visitors. Under the 14-metre metal dome, over 100 spectators can enjoy the stunning spectacle in comfortable armchairs each Friday and Saturday night. The detailed projections are complemented by impressive computer simulations that show the history of the Earth and the solar system. On top of that, the Costitx Mallorca Planetarium can project images from the connected telescope and numerous other observatories worldwide in real time. This is done by a hyper-fast internet connection and specially designed software.

Sky view in the observatory
In addition to the planetarium, the attached observatory is accessible to visitors. It is used for astrophysical research and enjoys a high international reputation. Since its opening in 1991, researchers have discovered some asteroids close to the earth and have calculated their orbit around the sun. The period between mid-July to mid-August is a particularly good time to make a visit to the observatory. During this time, hundreds of shooting stars can be seen every night, which locals call "Tears of St. Lawrence". The Astromedia Hall, attached to the complex, shows exhibitions on a variety of topics. Among the current projects is a meteorite exhibition, which presents a whole series of these cosmic celestial bodies. The Planetarium screenings are be held in Spanish, Catalan and English. Knowledge of one of these languages is an advantage in understanding the cosmic processes and astrophysical relationships. The planetarium is open on Fridays and Saturdays from around 8 pm.