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Ses Fonts Ufanes

Ses Fonts Ufanes

Ses Fonts Ufanes - natural monument at the Tramuntana mountains

Ses Fonts Ufanes in MallorcaThe Ses Fonts Ufanes natural monument on the north coast of Mallorca is a sight that you can only visit in certain weathers. Heavy rainfalls in the Tramuntana mountains are a basic pre-condition for this spectacular natural phenomenon to appear.

Floods in the holm oak forest
In the rainy season in autumn and winter you have the opportunity to marvel at a dramatic natural phenomenon on the north coast of Mallorca. After heavy rains in the Tramuntana mountains, thousands of cubic metres of water gushes from the ground in a holm oak forest in the Campanet district. This natural phenomenon arises from nowhere and the dry soil of the small grove quickly turns into a torrent. Nothing would give away the existence of the bubbling water sources in the dry summer months. Ses Fonts Ufanes are located on a finca (country estate) called Es Gabelli, which is located on the main road MA-13 by Campanet. Depending on the amount of precipitation that has fallen recently between 3,000 and 100,000 cubic metres of water per second can spew out of the ground. Barely noticeable, at first, small recesses soon fill with water, which develops in no time into a roaring stream that rushes down the mountain.

Protected natural monument
Ses Fonts Ufanes was declared a Natural Monument in 2001. A circular route for visitors has already been created. The holm oak forest is freely accessible and offers an unrestricted view of this sight in many places. The origin of this natural phenomenon is explained by researchers with an impermeable layer of clay just below the surface, which prevents water from seeping. After heavy rainfall, the soil can no longer absorb the moisture and the water pushes up to the surface. The best time to witness this event is in the autumn or winter. During these seasons, the clouds of low pressure over the Tramuntana Mountains and rain falls on their flanks. If you visit the finca with a rental car, park your car at the sanctuary of Sant Miquel and walk to the entrance to the estate.