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Cala Bóquer

Cala Bóquer

Cala Bóquer - natural paradise in the north of Mallorca

In the very north west of Mallorca, on the peninsula of Formentor, the coastline is wildly rugged. Steep cliffs descend from a height of several hundred metres into the sea and rocky islands rise like teeth from the water surface of the Mediterranean. In this wild and romantic region, you will find the small bay of Cala Bóquer with its 10 m wide pebble beach. The secluded tranquil bay is not linked to any road and is a slice of heaven even in high season for all those who find it.

Location of Cala Bóquer

Cala Boquer an der Nordküste Mallorcas

Cala Bóquer is located on the north eastern edge of the Bóquer valley (Vall de Bóquer). This valley is a 700 km² nature reserve in the Serra de Tramuntana. The mountains extend in the north west of the island and crash into the sea at the northernmost point, Cap de Formentor. Due to the occurrence of numerous rare bird species, the valley was designated as a special bird protection zone. The closest town to the bay is Port de Pollença. It is a well-known spot for water sports and is located about six kilometres from Cala Bóquer. Cala Sant Vicenç, which shares its name with the adjoining village is located about 3.5 km from the bay.

Accessibility of Cala Bóquer

The seclusion of Cala Bóquer can make the journey there something of an adventure. By rental car, take the MA-2210 highway from Port de Pollença. After about three kilometres you will reach a gravel car park, where you leave the car. From here solid hiking boots are a must, because the footpath to the coast leads partly through some rough terrain along stony paths and through dried streams. Steep rock faces and strange rock formations line the path. Wild macchia proliferates between the boulders and dwarf palms rise up along the way. Again and again, you might encounter wild goats on the mountain slopes, which roam the barren mountain landscape in search of food. About an hour later, Cala Bóquer comes into view behind the last hill.

Beach and amenities

At the end of Cala Bóquer is the 45 m long pebble beach. It is up to ten metres wide and consists of coarse pebbles, which are partially interspersed with small boulders. The bay extends about 900 m inland. Cala Bóquer is bordered by the foothills of the Serra del Cavall Bernat and Es Morral hills. They rise to 360 metres above sea level and surround the valley of Bóquer. The water is crystal clear and there is hardly a swell in the narrow bay. Even at a distance of 100 metres from the beach, the water is just two metres deep. An interesting relic from the time of the Spanish Civil War is a machine gun post from the 1930s, located about 90 metres behind the shoreline.

Kiesstrand der Cala Boquer auf Mallorca

There are no tourist amenities on the pebble beach at Cala Bóquer. Due to its remote location in the middle of the nature reserve, there are no dining facilities or lifeguards to watch over you nor are there parasol and sun loungers at Cala Bóquer. If you want to spend the day in this idyllic place, you need to take your own beach mat as well as food and drink. The only sensible thing is to stow the food in a cool box as there are no trees to give shade and the midsummer heat can make food go off very quickly.

Cala Bóquer is also at the mouth of the Saragall de Cala Bóquer riverbed. However, this only fills up after heavy rains and is a dried-out stream bed for most of the year. The source of the torrent is at the highest point of the Vall de Bóquer at the Pass Coll des Moro. In the low-precipitation period between May and October, the mountain stream only swells after heavy thunderstorms.

Excursion destinations in the area

Cala Bóquer is located on the Formentor peninsula in the north of Mallorca. At the top of the rocky headland is Cap Formentor, one of the most visited attractions on the island. From the MA-2210 drive about 20 minutes to the northernmost tip of the island. In the summer months there are usually swathes of tourists, since the parking spaces are limited. Also, the viewpoints along the roadside are usually blocked up with coaches and rental cars in the summer. Nevertheless, Cap Formentor gives you a fantastic view of the sea from a height of more than 380 m.

Just a few minutes drive from the gravel bay is the coastal town of Port de Pollença. It is considered something of a resort for the well-heeled and is not a destination for mass tourism. The constantly blowing wind in the bay of Pollença has given rise to several sailing and surf schools setting up shop in the seaside village. In the harbour, you can rent a boat or go beyond the village and start trekking in the Serra de Tramuntana.