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Cala Murta

Cala Murta

Cala Murta - picturesque shingle bay on the Formentor Peninsula

In the north of Mallorca, on the wild and rugged Formentor peninsula lies the picturesque bay of Cala Murta. The pebble beach is just 85 m long and is boxed in by impressive rocks and cliffs. The bay is similar to a mini fjord and the cliffs reveal a view of the open sea almost like looking through a narrow window. The sparse vegetation on the headlands consists of low maquis and pine trees. Anyone not put off by the two-kilometre walk to Cala Murta, will be heartily rewarded with a dip in the crystal-clear water.

Location and directions to Cala Murta

Cala Murta Bucht an der Nordküste Mallorcas

Magical Cala Murta lies on the rugged southern coast of the Formentor peninsula. The rocky outcrop protrudes into the Mediterranean like an outstretched finger. At the top there is a vantage point with a restaurant, which is one of the most visited attractions in Mallorca. The pebble cove is framed by cliffs overgrown with holm oaks and pines. The nearest town is Port de Pollença. The popular resort on the north coast of the island is located about 14 kilometres from Cala Murta. Like Cala Murta, this popular surfing centre is located on the large bay of Pollença. The capital, Palma de Mallorca, is located at the other end of the island and is only reached after a one-hour plus drive.

Rent a car and take the only access road to this picturesque shingle bay in the north of Mallorca. From Port de Pollença take the MA-2210 towards Cap de Formentor. Follow the road about 13 kilometres to the free gravel car park at Cala Figuera. If you follow the signs for Possessió Cala Murta, you will not miss it. After you have parked the car, you have to walk about two kilometres on foot. The path through the mountains is partially paved. After just 30 minutes walking you will reach Cala Murta, which will greet you with its beautiful crystal-clear water and idyllic ambience.

Mooring yachts

Cala Murta is a popular mooring spot because of its sheltered location. In summer, the white hulls of sailing and motor yachts often bob up and down on the water in view of the beach. About 100 m offshore, the average water depth is four metres. 100 m further towards the mouth of the cove, the depth is about eight metres. If you are on a yacht, swimming in the water is possible without having to cross the pebbles beforehand. For snorkelers getting to Cala Murta by boat is a better option than via the beach. On the cliffs on both sides of the bay there are sometimes small schools of fish to be seen. The fjord-like bay is also so popular with yachtsmen because the place is protected from the sometimes rather blustery north wind.

Bucht Cala Murta mit tiefblauem Wasser

Cala Murta: fjord-like bay

The inlet on Formentor has an S-shape and is reminiscent of a mini fjord. After around 180 m, the bay narrows as it moves inland and after 85 m of pebble beach, the terrain starts to become rocky. The mouth of the fjord is about 150 m wide. From the beach, only a small section of the open sea can be seen because of the winding shape of the bay. The water surface of Cala Murta has steeply rising rocks on both sides. They are overgrown with holm oaks and pines and Mediterranean scrub in places.

On the left side of the bay is a country estate, which is not inhabited all year round. The property and the one where the chapel of Mare de Déu de Formentor is built are owned by the Foundation Fundació Rotger-Villalonga. The foundation was established in 1979 in memory of the Mallorcan poet Miquel Costa i Llobera. The property on Cala Murta is used by the Bishop of Mallorca as a holiday residence.

Natural pebble beach without tourist amenities

The natural pebble beach on Cala Murta is an ideal bathing spot for romantics and beach holidaymakers looking for peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of tourist Mallorca. It extends in a semicircle along a length of 85 m at the end of the bay. The beach which reaches up tp 25 m in width in places consists of a mixture of sand and coarse pebbles. Due to this, it is rather unsuitable for children, although there are virtually no waves due to the protected location. The water is crystal clear and appears turquoise in the bright sunshine. This is a good spot for swimming. However, visitors should think of bathing shoes, because the entry into the water leads over pebbles and small rocks.

People expecting the normal Mallorca beach infrastructure with sun lounger rental and beach bars at Cala Murta, will be disappointed. On this secluded bay no sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rental and there are no eating facilities. If you are planning a longer stay at the picturesque bay, you must bring your own provisions in a cool box. Since the next village is about 14 km from Cala Murta, there are no alternatives regarding the gastronomic offers available and only a few scattered wooden picnic tables have been set up on the beach.