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Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro - beach paradise with Caribbean flair

The crystal-clear water glows a turquoise blue as the powdered sugar sand shines snow-white in the bright sunlight - Playa de Muro (Platja de Muro) is just under six kilometres long on the northern coast of Mallorca and is a place to make your holiday dreams come true. The atmosphere in the bay of Alcúdia seems to be almost more Caribbean than Mediterranean. The Playa de Muro stretches from the resort of Puerto d'Alcúdia to Can Picafort. Close by is S'Albufera nature reserve, which is home to countless water birds. As the beach slopes to the shallow waters along its entire length, this beach is a firm family favourite.

Playa de Alcudia, Mallorca

Four sectors of the Playa de Muro
The entire beach is divided into four sectors.

Sector 1 begins at the Playa de Alcúdia and extends to the promenade, where the daytrip boats moor.

The second sector runs from the promenade to an undeveloped dune area along the coast. Nature lovers and tourists preferring to do their own thing in particular appreciate this area.

Sector 3 is called Es Comu. This is a natural beach area without much significant tourist infrastructure or development. There are no sunbeds available and there is no beach bar. Sector 3 can only be reached after a longer walk as there are no parking spaces nearby. Note: this is a part of the coast where nudists tend to congregate as they bathe and sunbathe au naturel.

The southernmost part of the Playa de Muro extends into the lively resort of Can Picafort, which is very popular with German holidaymakers. It is called Es Capellans and it borders an urbanization popular for holiday homes.

In the summer months, areas 1 and 2 and 4 are fairly busy. A popular meeting place is the chill-out bar & restaurant "La Playa". Here you can enjoy a paella overlooking the deep blue waters of the bay of Alcúdia or enjoy a cool long or soft drink. In high season, live music is often played. The wellness furnishings at the front of the restaurant look a bit old, but for are fine for somewhere to chill in the suns.

Cocktail on Playa de Muro

Other beach bars include "Balenario 3" and "4". The decor is simple, but thanks to its elevated position you can enjoy fantastic sea views. Posidonia seagrass can start to grow in large clumps in the summer as the comparatively high waves in the bay of Alcúdia often push the grass into mounds.

Infrastructure at Playa de Muro
Apart from secto 3, Playa de Muro is developed along its entire length. There is disabşed access to the beach at several points and umbrellas and sun loungers are available for hire. In the main season, from 10 am to 6 pm, lifeguards watch over the beach.

The lifeguard service is necessary, because even in August, high waves can pile up off the coast, making swimming extremely dangerous. When this happens red flags are raised at eight guard stations. They also warn against unpredictable ocean currents, which can be a threat to swimmers and snorkellers.

There are toilets and washing facilities throughout the beach, which are free to use. The largest entertainment and entertainment program for children is in sector 1. Here, in the immediate vicinity of the resort of Puerto d'Alcúdia, there are beach playgrounds and banana boat rides. If you prefer the quieter beach areas in Es Comu, you need to bring your own food and drinks. There are no beach bars and restaurants on this stretch of beach at all. You should also bring a parasol, as there is no sunbed or beach umbrella rental.

Banana Riding
Water Sports
The wide beach and shallow water zone at Playa de Muro is ideal for splashing around and relaxing in the pleasant water. If there are no high waves, toddlers can safely play at the water's edge. If you want to swim in the crystal-clear water, you have to walk out relatively far to reach the deeper water.

Water sports can be found primarily in sectors 1 and 2. In some places pedal boats are for rent if you wish to gentle move along the water's edge. Banana Boat rides are very popular with young people here.

One of the latest sports trends on the Playa de Muro is stand-up paddling where you can stand on a wide surfboard and paddle around in the shallow water and explore the sandy beach in a way that you cannot on foot. Jet skiing, canoeing and paragliding are all popular pastimes on this stretch of coast. In the summer sailing boats and yachts bob up and down on the turquoise waters. Because of the extensive shallow water zone, the boats have to keep a decent distance away the beach.

Discovery tours in S'Albufera Natural Park
S'Albufera nature park  directly borders Playa de Muro. The wetlands covers an area of 1,600 hectares and are home to around 270 species of birds. A trip to the nature reserve is a welcome change from the beach for many tourists.

The wetlands are characterised by large lagoons and shallow water zones where flamingos and waders forage. Along the trails, the conservation agency has erected bird watching towers. Don’t forget your binoculars, if you are out and about in the immediate vicinity of Playa de Muro.

The entrance to S'Albufera Natural Park is on the road leading from Can Picafort to Alcúdia. Here a bridge crosses the Gran de s'Albufera Canal. The channel drains from the swamp and leads to Playa de Muro where it opens up into the sea. The starting point for hikes and bike rides through this perfect piece of nature is the Sa Roca Nature Park Centre. There you can find out about the flora and fauna and work out your bearings on themap. If you do not want to explore the swamp on your own, join a guided tour with a park ranger. Organised excursions are always on Saturdays.

For many visitors, the Playa de Muro with its snow-white sand and crystal-clear water is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. If you spend your holiday in the north of the Balearic Island, you should not miss a trip to the fine sand dream beach.

Playa De Muro