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Pollença - picturesque town in the Tramuntana mountains

Pollença is a town of 16,000 inhabitants on the edge of the Serra de Tramuntana. The artists' colony is located on the north coast of Mallorca and allows you to meander through the centre’s narrow winding streets that the town is famous for in and around the Eglesia de Nostra Senyora del Roser church. At the beginning of the 20th century, writers, painters and musicians discovered the charm of the town and many settled in Pollença helping the town to gain a reputation of something of an artists’ colony.

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History of Pollença
Pollença was originally founded as a Roman settlement. The location in the Serra de Tramuntana, a few kilometres inland was chosen deliberately so that the settlement could be better protected from hostile attacks. One particular surviving relic from the Roman period is the stone arch bridge Pont Roma, which spans the Torrent de Sant Jordi. The river was diverted by the Roman to provide a crucial water source for the settlement.

The Romans were followed by the Moors in the 9th century. They ruled until the 13th century in Mallorca, until the troops of King Jaume I expelled them in 1229. From the 15th century, pirate attacks proliferated in Mallorca. Pollença was repeatedly threatened by marauding pirates from North Africa. 1550 marked a notable resistance to pirate raids.

Roman bridge in Pollenca

As had become their habit, Moorish pirates were on their way to plunder the town, but this time Joan Mas, led a group of residents who managed to beat back the attackers with the simplest of weapons. Every year, on the 2nd of August, this historic event is commemorated by the production of a play that is part of the Fiesta Mare de Déu dels Àngels.

In the twentieth century, agriculture, which had been the most important source of income for the population, took a back seat and tourism became more important in Pollença. The English mystery writer Agatha Christie, who used the place in the mountains at the beginning of the 20th century as a source of inspiration, played a large part in this and enjoyed lodging at the Hotel Illa d'Or.

The famous crime author penned numerous classics including "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Evil under the Sun". Several locations in Mallorca were actually used in the filming of the latter novel.

Attractions in Pollença
The heart of Pollença is undoubtedly the market place, Plaça Mayor. There are numerous boutiques and art galleries side by side, where local artists exhibit their works for sale. The baroque parish church stands in front of a small park with fountains, pine groves and olive trees. At the foot of the Nostra Senyora dels Angels church, there is a weekly market on Sundays, where you can buy fresh olives, citrus fruits, cheeses, wine and handicrafts.

The symbol of Pollença is the cockerel. It adorns the city coat of arms and stands as a sculpture on the Fond de Gall fountain at Plaça de l`Amoina. The place has great historical significance, because here in 1550 the pirate attack was repelled. The stone bridge, Pont Roma is an ancient stone relic from Roman days.

The stone arch bridge spans the Torrent de Sant Jordi. The chapel of Sant Jordi dates from the 16th century. Parts of the main altar were built in 1653 and the altar is dominated by the "Virgin of the Sea". Also in the 16th century, construction began on the Dominican monastery of Santo Domingo. The plant can be visited free of charge.

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Calvary Hill- the landmark of Pollença
Dominating the centre of the town is Calvary Hill. At the top you will find a baroque chapel, which was inaugurated in 1799. The church can be reached from the centre of Pollença via a staircase with some 365 steps. Each level symbolises one day of the calendar year. The invigorating ascent is well worth it with its breathtaking views stretching from the Formentor peninsula to the bay of Alcúdia.

A second route to the summit of Calvary leads past 14 historic stone crosses, which represent the Stations of the Cross. Every year on Good Friday, a solemn procession leads from the highest point of the mountain down to the town. A section of the stone staircase is lined with cypresses that enhance the romantic impression.

Activities and excursions in Pollença
Pollença is located near the north coast of Mallorca in the Tramuntana Mountains. A popular hiking destination is the 330 m high mountain Puig de Maria. The path to the summit leads through shady holm oak forests. From the highest point you will get an overwhelming view of the bay of Pollença and the seaside resort of Alcúdia across the eponymous bay.

Bathers should head for the coastal town of Port de Pollença, which is just a few minutes’ drive from the main town. The coastal town is a centre of water sports in Mallorca. Windsurfers and kitesurfers enjoy the waters of Port de Pollença all year round. There is a noteworthy prehistoric settlement from the Talayot period, from which the trail leads to Cala Bóquer.

The rocky coves at Cala de Sant Vicenç are a delightful destination which can be reached ass part of a hike or by rental car. The excursion can also be combined with a detour to Cap Formentor. On the northern tip of Mallorca, the cliffs of the Tramuntana fall almost vertically into the sea. Another attractive destination is S'Albufera nature park. Located between Alcúdia and the lively resort of Can Picafort, the protected wetland is a retreat for many rare species of birds.

Shopping in Pollença
The narrow, winding streets in Pollença are inviting for a little shopping. Behind the stone façades of old buildings there are small fashion boutiques and leather goods, jewellery and handicraft shops. A couple of family-owned businesses worth a visit are Ensenyat local specialty shop and the Ca'n Xim bakery which serves regional delicacies such as Ensaimada lard pastry. You can enjoy the regional specialty with or without a filling. Fresh food can be got at the weekly market held every Sunday directly in front of Nostra Senyora dels Angels. At the stands, traders and farmers offer olive oil, sheep's cheese, wine, almond liqueurs and numerous craft products.

Restaurants in Pollença
Most restaurants and cafes are clustered around the main square of Pollença, the Placa Mayor. In a small alley you can find the restaurant Bodega Can Ferrà, which has been owned by the family for three generations. The kitchen is down to earth and typical Mallorcan. Among the best restaurants on the north coast of Mallorca is 3/65 Son Brull. It is part of the 5-star hotel of the same name and boasts stylish décor and fine dining.

Lovers of hearty meat dishes should not miss a visit to the grill restaurant, La Braseria. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of town on the road to Port de Pollença and opens its doors for breakfast early. From T-bone steak to salmon fillet the numerous grilled specialties are brimming with a distinctive taste from the Josper oven. With typical dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, delicious paellas and fresh grilled specialties, your palate is spoiled for choice at La Placenta. The restaurant is located on the Plaça Sant Jordi and is synonymous with the finest quality.

If you feel like getting to know the historic town of Pollença in the Tramuntana Mountains, choose a hotel, apartment or holiday home on the north coast of Mallorca.