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Lluc Monastery

Lluc Monastery

Lluc Monastery - Destination of Pilgrims in the Tramuntana mountains

Monastery Lluc in MallorcaSurrounded by the wooded ridges of the Serra de Tramuntana, the Santuari de Lluc lies at an altitude of 525 m in the heart of the mountain range. This place of pilgrimage is regarded as the spiritual center of Mallorca and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Building complex, monastery and sanctuary
The Santuari de Lluc is located on the west coast of Mallorca. It was founded in the early 13th century although archaeologists largely believe that it was built on the site of a pre-existing shrine from pre-Christian times. The main building consists of several wings and was completed at the beginning of the 20th century. It houses, among other things, a boys boarding school, specialising in musical excellence. In the wings are rooms that are rented and often used by hikers as a place to stay. A passageway leads to the monastery’s chapel, the Església de Llluc. The church is a Renaissance building and was consecrated in 1691. The interior is vaulted by an ornate dome. The sanctuary is situated in a side chapel behind the main altar. However, it is the statue of the black Madonna, revered as the patron saint of Mallorca, that is the attraction for pilgrimages.

Exterior of the monastery complex
In one of the monastery’s buildings is a restaurant, where you can revitalise after a sightseeing tour. In addition, there is a museum which also belongs to the monastery complex, where you will find interesting details of the history of the Santuari de Lluc. Exhibits include finds from the pre-Christian Talyot period, historical vestments, weapons and ceramics. Above the abbey church is a multiple sundial, designed by a professor from Palma de Mallorca and installed in 1991. The Lluc Monastery enjoys great popularity with active holiday makers as a starting point for hikes in the Tramuntana Mountains. Tours lead from the monastery to the second highest summit on the island and to the imposing canyon "Torrent de Pareis", which is one of the most spectacular canyons in Europe.