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Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana - wild mountain chain in the northwest of Mallorca

Serra de Tramuntana in MallorcaThe Serra de Tramuntana is a wild rugged mountain range in the northwest of the island, which was included in the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011 due to its scenic diversity.
Serra de Tramuntana - bizarre rock formations and deep canyons
The Tramuntana Mountains stretches over a length of almost 90 kilometers in the northwest of the largest Balearic Island and significantly shapes the landscape of the west coast of Mallorca. Bizarre rock formations and deep ravines characterize the face of the mountain region to the north, while the mountain slopes in the south gently taper off. With an altitude of 1,445 m, the Puig Major is the highest mountain in the Serra de Tramuntana. Snowfall is not uncommon in the summit region in winter. Once the islanders used snow and ice from the mountain region to cool food. The so-called snow houses near Massanella are a relic from centuries past and can still be visited today. In addition to the Puig Major, more than 50 other peaks reach a height of over 1,000 m. In some canyons, such as the Torrent de Pareis, has its own microclimate that has produced a unique flora and fauna.
Mountain villages and pilgrimages
Idyllic mountain villages between deep canyons and rugged mountain ridges are dotted throughout the Serra de Tramuntana. Among the most attractive places is the mountain village Valldemossa with its old Carthusian monastery. Cobbled streets wind their way through the village and along the mountain slopes are pine forests and olive groves. Attractive hiking destinations are to be found close by the villages of Fornalutx and Biniaraix. The Santuari de Lluc is a 13th-century monastery built on a high plateau in the Tramuntana Mountains is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. The aim of the pilgrimage is to pray to the black Madonna statue, the patron saint of the region, for intercession. In the so-called "Golden Valley" the small town of Sólller is to be found. It is an architectural jewel on the west coast of Mallorca. Connected to the coastal town of Port de Sóller, the town is linked by a historic tram line known as the "Red Lightning".