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Cala Torta

Cala Torta

Cala Torta – Beach paradise in the nature reserve

Directions and accessibility

Türkisblaues Wasser in der Bucht von Cala Torta auf Mallorca

You can get to Cala Torta from Artà by car on the MA-15 road. Follow the road in the direction of Cala Ratjada and after a few kilometres turn left at the junction at the "Cala Torta" sign. After a few minutes you will reach a slip road on the right, which marks the approach to the bay. However, since 2018, it is no longer possible to drive directly to this bay on Mallorca’s northeast coast. The local council of Artà have decided to block the track with padlock and chain to protect the fragile ecosystem in the dunes. Motorists can no longer park their vehicles in the dunes or in the dried-out river bed. Some parking is still available on the left and right of the dirt road, although you need to be aware that the middle of the dirt track must be kept free at all times for ambulance and fire engine access.

Cala Torta can also be reached as part of a hike. From nearby Cala Mesquida, a hiking trail leads over the cliffs in a westerly direction to the bay so beloved by bathers. Alternatively, Cala Torta can be reached by boat. Although there are no official excursions to the bay, you can rent a boat and head to the stunning bay with ease. About 1.5 km from the bay on the access to Artà there is a former manor house that rents guest rooms and has a restaurant.

Segelboot vor der Nordostküste Mallorcas

Beach and infrastructure

The sandy beach at Cala Torta, which is 105 m wide at its widest, marks the end of a small bay, which is surrounded by two rocky headlands. It is about 130 m long and has fine, white sand. In the summer, the beach is often watched over by a lifeguard. On windy days and after storms, seaweed often washes up onto the shore. The swell on this coastline of Mallorca is light to moderate. Every now and then, the gusty northeast wind can also create high waves at Cala Torta. For safety reasons swimming and snorkelling is restricted during this time. Families with small children should avoid the nearby coves of Cala Ratjada or Cala Mesquida. The beach at Cala Torta descends drastically into the sea and there are dangerous currents near the coast.

Feinsandiger Strand Cala Torta an der Nordostküste Mallorcas

At Cala Torta it is not possible to hire beach umbrellas and as shady pine trees are also in short supply, you should bring your own parasol to protect yourself from the sun. Bringing dogs is not allowed at any part of the year. The secluded location of the bay attracts every growing amounts of nudists to the beach of Cala Torta and locals have no objections. There is a beach bar serving snacks and refreshments but there are no showers or other sanitary facilities. If you want to dive or snorkel in the rocky shore areas, you must bring your own equipment as there is no rental station on site.

Grilled fish, seafood and house wine

The beach bar at Cala Torta is a typical Spanish Chiringuito. This is a wooden shack, equipped only with a grill, cooking facilities and a fridge, which offers a lunch menu with a reasonable number of dishes. There is a small covered area and several long wooden tables with matching benches but no menus on the tables as the beach bar serves whatever has been caught that day by local fishermen. A perennial favourite is "Parrillada", freshly caught grilled fish. In addition to non-alcoholic soft drinks such as Coke and water, there is also Spanish house wine and chilled beer. Seat reservations are not accepted by the owners, however, visitors can sit down and register for lunch right after arrival.

The secluded cove of Cala Torta is a beach paradise with fine, white sand on the northeast coast of the island. It is a delightful day trip destination with turquoise waters, magical dunes and a small beach bar.