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Cuevas de Artà

Cuevas de Artà

Cuevas de Artà - spectacular network of caves on the northeast coast

Cuevas de Artá in MallorcaThe Cuevas de Artà is an extensive network of caves near the Mallorcan town of the same name. The labyrinth of stalactite caves is accessed via a 400 m long visitor path.

Cuevas de Artà: Bizarre underworld with stalactite and stalagmite formations
The stalactite caves of the Cuevas de Artà were once a pirate hideaway and also served as a refuge for Moorish army fighters in the 13th century. The entrance to the caves is about 50 m above sea level directly on the northeast coast of Mallorca. From here you have a fantastic view of the bay of Canyamel. A bizarre world of mighty stalagmites and stalactites awaits you on a tour of the dripstone caves and guided tours are available in several languages. The individual grottoes bear distinctive names such as "Hall of the Queen of Columns", "Court of Hell" and "Paradise". Elaborate light installations have been  put in to draw attention to the weird beauty of the dripstones. Photography is allowed. The most impressive Stalagmite stands in the "Hall of the Queen of Columns". The slender column extends 22metreshigh to just below the cave ceiling.

Testimonies from earlier centuries
In the Cuevas de Artà you will come across traces of bygone centuries in certain places. In the 13th century, the later Mallorcan King Jaume I and his army tried to smoke the Moorish soldiers out. The soot-blackened stones in the entrance area are still visible today. Some inscriptions in the rock date from the 16th and 17th centuries. In the commemorative book, where visitors to the cave can record their names, there are numerous names of famous historical figures including the writers Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo and Jules Verne who immortalized themselves on the pages. The book has been in existence since 1869. In the high season from April to October, the Cuevas de Artà are open from 10am to 6pm and in winter, the attraction closes an hour earlier. Near the entrance there is a large car park.