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Cala S´Estaca

Cala S´Estaca

Cala S'Estaca - romantic fishing retreat on the west coast of Mallorca

The west of Mallorca is renowned for its wild and rugged coastline and by the foothills of Mallorca’s Tramantuna mountain range. The alluring feeling of seclusion, the sublime landscape and the appeal of some of the most beautiful villages on the island sets this part of the island apart from every other corner of Mallorca.

Holiday Mallorca Cala S'Estaca

Close to the beautiful villages of Valldemossa and Deia - halfway between Sa Foradada and Port de Valldemossa - lies a particularly charming spot: the small fishing village and bay of S'Estaca. A remote feeling of romance is what you will find here in Cala S'Estaca. Cala S’Estamca is a typical Mallorcan fishing village with small stone cottages around the bay and perching on the rocks like bird nests. The miniature harbour was once built by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria and is now used by locals and tourists alike as a low-key seaside resort.

Again, access is not easy - but never overcrowded. You drive by car from the coastal road towards Andratx to Valldemossa and turn right after the village to the right of the road to Banyalbufar on the winding road to Port de Valldemossa. Park the car there in the car park and walk back to milestone no. 4 and turn left at the wooden barrier on the small gravel road, named Camino de S'Estaca - down to the bay. Don’t be tempted to park directly at the junction, as parking fines are severe. On the 45- to 60-minute descending walk to Cala S'Estaca you have a magnificent view of the sea and the fabulous peninsula of Sa Foradada with its striking rock gate, a 19-metre-high hole in the cliff face. In times gone by, Sa Foradata anchored Archduke Salvator’s luxury sailing ship.

Cala S'Estaca Mallorca

On the trail down to the sea you pass through vineyard terraces, centuries-old olive trees, the abandoned and partially ruined Ramon Llull chapel and the "S'Estaca" finca previously owned by Tinseltown couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who lived here in 1989 and regularly spent the summer months thereafter on holiday. The Sicilian style 19th century mansion was built in 1878 by Archduke Ludwig Salvator, who came from an Austrian imperial family, for his Mallorcan girlfriend, Catalina Homar. The archduke noted down his memories and impressions of and from S'Estaca in his masterful book "The Balearic Islands". The impressive estate with perhaps the most beautiful view of the island has been for sale since 2015 for an astronomical sum and is located above the port of the same name, which is about fifteen minutes walk away. After passing the luxury finca, hikers will enjoy this popular path into a coniferous forest of Aleppo pines, which provides pleasant shade and refreshingly cooler air.

Once you have reached the shore, there is a fantastic view of the approximately 20 stone houses in the bay of S'Estaca, which were once used by fishermen and are now either inhabited by locals or rented out as holiday homes. The fishermen of S'Estaca were once considered the best and bravest fishermen in all Mallorca. The ramp in front of the boathouses is the perfect spot for a picnic, as there is no café or restaurant - allowing the atmosphere of peace and solitude in Cala S'Estaca to pervade. Incidentally, Empress Sissi of Austria used to enjoy sunbathing here back in 1893. If you do not want to take any food with you, remember to book a table for the evening when you park the car in the car park, at "Es Port" in Port Valldemossa, the only restaurant nearby.

S'Estaca - beautiful tranquil fishing village on theTramuntana coast

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The water in the small bay of S'Estaca, is crystal clear and is perfect for snorkelling, diving and swimming. From the jetties, protected by an imposing rock, you have easy and safe access to the sea. You may need to look out for jellyfish and sea urchins depending on the wind and waves that day, but they will rarely bother you. If you have some time, be sure to stick around till sunset, which is especially breath-taking.

Incidentally, Cala de S'Estaca used to have the reputation of being a smuggler's cove: in times gone by, where almost all fishermen here were smugglers here as well. The fishermen picked up smuggled tobacco from Algiers with their little boats from the larger ships in the bay and hid in caves here on the bay and the surrounding area. Today, S'Estaca is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and magical places in the Serra de Tramuntana and Mallorca.

Another highlight, back on the same route, ideal for a visit on your day trip is Cala D'Estaca: enjoy refreshing cool drinks in the only bar in Port de Valldemossa and then take a short tour on foot through the picturesque little town.

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