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Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent - idyllic bay on Mallorca's northwest coast

On the wildly rugged northwest coast of Mallorca is Cala Tuent, a magical bay with a quiet beach. The mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana ranges in this region to the coast. The fantastic backdrop for the bay is Puig Major. It is the highest mountain on Mallorca and is 1,445 metres above the sea level. As there are no buses at Cala Tuent and access is only possible via a narrow winding road, the crowds tend to stay away even in peak season.

Location of Cala Tuent

Strand der Cala Tuent an der Westküste Mallorcas

Cala Tuent is located on the northwest coast of the island. Inland from here are the Tramuntana Mountains, which have been included in the list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites due to its scenic diversity. The nearest town is Sa Calobra. The coastal village is located about seven kilometres from the bay and is known for the torrent, Torrent de Pareis. The water in the torrent does not flow all year. The gorge, eroded by the deluges, is a popular destination for hikers. The 180 m long beach in the bay has the two headlands Penyal Foradat and Morro des Forat on both sides. The rocky slopes rise out of the water and, apart from a few scattered houses, there is no development.

Directions to the bay

The drive to Cala Tuent is via a narrow road with numerous hairpin bends. From the main MA-10 road, which connects the towns of Sóller and Lluc, you follow the winding road towards Sa Calobra. After a few kilometres, the turnoff to Cala Tuent is signposted. Follow this for about four kilometres until you get to the car park. Due to the numerous hairpin bends, this drive takes 30-45 minutes. In the high season you should expect further delays because of the numerous cyclists and the increased traffic.

Cala Tuent is much easier to reach from the water although due to large shoals of fish in the bay, mooring the boat is not too easy. There is a regular ferry service between Port de Sóller and the bay. Pay attention to what the locals do. Since Cala Tuent is right on the edge of the Serra de Tramuntana, it is a popular destination for hikers, climbers and mountain bikers. Especially in the main season, as several paths lead from here to the mountains.

Panoramablick über die Bucht Cala Tuent auf Mallorca

Facilities on Cala Tuent beach

The beach at Cala Tuent is about 180 m long. It consists of a sand / shingle mixture and is up to 55 m wide. It is not the ideal beach for small children.  Although there are hardly any waves, but the gently sloping beach is dotted with numerous sharp pebbles. Even the comparatively long and exhausting journey by rental car could be off-putting for a family outing to Cala Tuent. If you leave the marked swimming area, you have to adjust to some strong currents. There are no umbrella rentals or sanitary facilities on this beach. Nor is there a lifeguard in the main season.

Up above Cala Tuent is the"Es Vergeret" historic finca which is home to the restaurant of the same name. The building was built of natural stone and exudes “olde worlde” charm. On the outdoor terrace you can sit under shady pine trees and enjoy the view of the picturesque bay. The restaurant menu features many typical Mallorcan dishes. In addition to fresh fish, seafood, paella and a variety of rice dishes are offered.

Activities in Cala Tuent

Water sports such as surfing, sailing or water skiing are not possible at Cala Tuent but the crystal clear water is ideal for snorkelling due to its great visibility. The best prospects for discovering colourful corals and isolated shoals of fish are at the rocky areas of the two headlands. Most day visitors come to the bay to relax in natural surroundings and take a dip in the warm sea water. Due to its location on the edge of the Tramuntana mountains Cala Tuent is a popular hiking destination. The most famous hiking trail is called "Sa Costara" and leads from the town of Sóller to the bay. The hike takes about five hours on the coastal hiking trail, which always gives fantastic views of the Mediterranean on the way.

Excursion destinations in the area

Sa Calobra is the nearest town. Except for a small fishing port and some restaurants, the small village has no attractions to offer. Just off Sa Calobra lies the spectacular gorge of the torrent, Torrent de Pareis. Since 2003, the canyon has been declared a natural monument. Sporty holidaymakers undertake climbing or hikes through the natural paradise. If you visit Cala Tuent by rental car, you should plan a trip to the monastery Lluc. The monastery dates back to the 13th century and is a major pilgrimage site in the Serra de Tramuntana. South of the bay in the so-called "Valley of Gold" lies the town of Sóller. The valley owes its name to the countless orange and lemon trees in the area.