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Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra - two beaches between spectacular cliffs

On the wildly rugged northwest coast of Mallorca close to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, you will find the tiny coastal village of Sa Calobra. Two beaches trapped between spectacular cliffs are the perfect spot for a refreshing dip in the Med. One of the beaches (Torrent de Pareis) is about 100 m long and lies at the end of a deep gorge, shaped by the torrent that gives it its name. The rocky Platja de sa Calobra is only about half as long as the other beach and much narrower and extends from the sea to the stone houses in the village of Sa Calobra.

Location and access to Sa Calobra

Serpentinenstraße auf dem Weg nach Sa Calobra im Tramuntana-Gebirge Mallorcas

The Tramuntana mountains in the northwest of Mallorca plummet dramatically into the Mediterranean. The coast is wild, rugged and seems to be deserted apart from a few small coastal towns hidden in some remote bays. Sa Calobra was only accessible by sea until the construction of an extremely windy road in the 1930s. If you drive to the beaches of Platja de sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis today, you have no choice but to follow this 14 km long route with its incredible twelve hairpin bends. Nevertheless, the road was painstakingly constructed whereby care was taken during construction to avoid cars having to face stretches of road that were simply too steep. One of the most spectacular hairpin bends is the so-called "Tie Knot", where the access road to Sa Calobra makes a 270 ° turn.

Those who do not feel confident driving such a route can take the public bus from Alcúdia. It operates daily between the north coast resort and the village of Sa Calobra. Also, some travel companies take trips to the spectacular beaches in the program. Getting there by boat is much more comfortable and certainly less nerve-racking. Ferries operate regularly between the coastal town of Serra de Tramuntana and the harbour town of Port de Sóller. The crossing takes about an hour. In addition, there are organised boat trips during the high season, most of which take place on Sundays.

Platja de sa Calobra - the small village beach

kleiner Dorfstrand Sa Calobra Nordwestküste MallorcaThe small village beach Platja de sa Calobra is about 50 m long and its widest point, 20 m. It lies just beyond the last buildings of Sa Calobra village and is nicely shaded thanks to the numerous old trees near the shore. To the rear of the beach there are a few restaurants that mainly serve Mallorcan dishes on their menus. Due to the many stones and pebbles, bathing shoes are certainly advisable if you are heading into the water to swim. You need to be aware of strong winds from the west as high waves can build up on this stretch of coast and swimming and snorkelling is not without its dangers. A further reason to be cautious is that there is not a full-time lifeguard at the beach.

Platja de Torrent de Pareis - dream beach between dramatic cliffs

Squeezed between steeply towering cliffs is Torrent de Pareis beach right in the estuary of a torrent. It stretches along the coast for a length of 100 metres and can only be reached on foot or from the water. The beach lies at the end of a spectacular gorge, which the torrent has caused to erode over the years but it only fillş with water after heavy rains. Most of the year the stream bed looks like a dried-out rocky road between the cliffs. Platja de Torrent de Pareis is a mixture of pebbles and shale and descends quite steeply into the sea. It’s around a mile on foot from the car parks in Sa Calobra and you have to go through a tunnel cut into the rock for the final leg of the journey.

Special features of Platja de Torrent de Pareis

The Platja de Torrent de Pareis is an ideal beach to relax on. Because of the remote location, there are no water sports and no beach chairs or parasol rental. There are also no restaurants or snack-bars. If you want to spend the day in this charming place, you will have to bring a cool box full of food and drinks.

Sa Calobra Strand zwischen Felsklippen

Since the pebbles are round and small, there is no problem getting comfortable and spreading your blanket or beach towel out. There is no lifeguard on duty and children should not be left unattended as the water becomes very deep, very quickly. Note: for the walk to Platja de Torrent de Pareis you should be sure to have a pair of sturdy shoes. Parts of the way can be really slippery and flip-flops are rather unsuitable on this terrain. If you happen to be having your Mallorca holiday in July, do not miss the open-air concert on the beach.

Excursion destinations in the area

Tourist attractions in the area of Sa Calobra are few and far between. It’s worth visiting Cala Tuent, a bay which is only a few minutes drive from the coastal town. This is a peaceful spot where you can hide from the package tourists and enjoy true Mediterranean peace and nature. Platja de Torrent de Pareis is part of the nature reserve that includes the entire gorge. A walk through Mallorca’s very own "Grand Canyon" is not only a once in a lifetime experience for hikers but for anyone who loves nature. On the way back from the beaches in Sa Calobra you can visit the Lluc monastery in the Tramuntana mountains. The pilgrimage site is considered the spiritual centre of Mallorca and houses the patron saint of the island in the form of a black Madonna statue.

Ausflugsziele in der Umgebung von Sa Calobra sind rar gesät. Sehenswert ist die Bucht Cala Tuent, die nur wenige Autominuten von dem Küstenort entfernt liegt. Hier verbringen Sie abseits des Massentourismus erholsame Momente in einem mediterranen Ambiente. Die Platja de Torrent de Pareis liegt in einem Naturschutzgebiet, das die gesamte Schlucht einschließt. Eine Wanderung durch den „Grand Canyon“ Mallorcas ist nicht nur für Naturliebhaber ein einzigartiges Erlebnis. Auf der Rückfahrt von den Stränden in Sa Calobra können Sie dem Kloster Lluc im Tramuntana-Gebirge einen Besuch abstatten. Der Wallfahrtsort gilt als das spirituelle Zentrum Mallorcas und beherbergt die Schutzheilige der Insel in Form einer Schwarzen Madonnenstatue.

Discover the scenic beauty of the beaches of Sa Calobra and include them in your next trip by car or boat up to the idyllic north west coast of the island.