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Son Marroig

Son Marroig

Son Marroig – country estate and monastery on the west coast of Mallorca

Son Marroig in MallorcaHigh above the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, between Valldemossa and Deià, on the cliff you will find Son Marroig estate. The property is one of the most romantic locations on the west coast of Mallorca, with sweeping views of the rugged coastline.

Son Marroig - Renaissance style mansion
Son Marroig’s oldest buildings date back to the 15th and 16th centuries and were built in the Renaissance style. In 1870, the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvator bought the estate and made the Balearic island his main residence. An explorer and nature lover the archduke created a Mediterranean garden and built a white marble pavilion on the cliffs above the sea. The roof of the pavilion is supported by white columns and from here you have a fantastic view of the coastal landscape. Since 1927, Son Marroig estate has been open to the public. In the main building there is a museum that sheds light into Ludwig Salvator’s life and works. In addition to the historic pieces of furniture, the rooms were furnished with works of art and contemporary furnishings.

Garden and monastery
The charming landscaped garden at Son Marroig is the ideal spot for a walk. Old holm oaks and gnarled olive trees line the paths and there are magnificent sea views. The garden also serves as an ideal starting point for a hike down to the coast. Walkers should plan on about 30 minutes to descend the stony paths. Not far from the estate is the Miramar Monastery, one of the archduke's favorite places. As part of the conversion and expansion of his property, he set up numerous paths through the mountains and several observation platforms, from which you can admire the breathtaking beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana. Access to this lovely attraction via the mountain village of Valldemossa. The property is located on the road to Deià and the access road ends at a car park where you park the rental car.