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Insel Cabrera

Insel Cabrera

Cabrera - magical uninhabited islet off the Mallorcan coast

Island Cabrera in MallorcaThe island of Cabrera is a natural island off the south coast of Mallorca. Together with 17 other Mediterranean islands, the island forms an archipelago with a total area of just under 19 km².

Natural landscapes on Cabrera
Cabrera is located about 14 kilometers south of the Mallorcan coast. Together with the other islands of this small archipelago and the surrounding marine regions, it belongs to the Archipelago de Cabrera National Park, established in 1991. In the vernacular, the island is referred to as ‘The Isle of Goats’ as a colony of wild goats lived on the island until a few years ago. Numerous rocky coves lie on the shores of the barren island, whose landscape is mainly dominated by rocks and low bushes. The highest mountain reaches a height of 172 m and numerous caves and grottoes are located in the coastal region. In Colònia de Sant Jordi there is a visitor information centre, which brings you closer to the flora and fauna of the small Mediterranean island. With the ruins of a fortress tower, a naval cemetery and the lighthouse at Cape Punta de Anciola, there are several historic sites on Cabrera.

Boat Trips
You can pay a visit to the island of Cabrera on your Mallorcan holiday by taking a boat trip. During the high season, day tripping boats from Porto Petro and Colonia Sant Jordi run to the island. Depending on the starting point, the crossing takes between 30 minutes and one and a quarter hours. Cabrera largely unpopulated except for a few inhabitants in the village of Es Port. At the time of writing there was only one phone on the island and a small bar. Among the attractions of the island is the so-called Blue Grotto in Cala Gandulf Bay. The 160 m long cave can only be accessed from the water and is a stop-off point for the excursion boats on the way back to the mainland. The special way the light falls causes spectacular reflections in the Cova Blava, which make the water appear bright blue.