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Es Trenc

Es Trenc

Es Trenc - natural beach paradise on the south coast of Mallorca

Es Trenc in Mallorca

Es Trenc is a seven-kilometre long natural beach on the south coast of Mallorca, with its white sand, turquoise sea and the flat dunes making it one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Es Trenc’s seven kilometres is a fascinating stretch of beach with an ambience that feels decidedly Caribbean. The pearl-white sand of the 35-metre-wide beach shines in the sun as the waves gently lap in to the shore. Depending on the time of day and the natural light, the sea can look anywhere between deep blue, turquoise or emerald green.

Unlike in the tourist resorts, the island’s government has imposed an absolute block on beach-side developments at Es Trenc to preserve the unique beauty of this coastal region. No concrete buildings or hotel complexes block your view from the beach of the stunning interior. Behind the beach are flat dunes, which serve as a breeding ground for birds such as the ringed plover and stilt-walker. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available on some sections of the beach, and beach bars provide chilled drinks and snacks.

Location and directions
Es Trenc is located in the south of Mallorca between the resorts of Sa Rapita and Colonia Sant Jordi. From Palma de Mallorca it will take you about 45 minutes by car to pay to visit this jewel of a beach. If you are coming from the centre or from the west of the island, you should take the MA-6040 in the direction of Colonia Sant Jordi via Campos. The road branches off until you reach a car park behind the Salobrar de Campos wetlands. Parking is subject to charges, but be careful: in early season, getting there early is a must as car parking is at a minimum.

Alternatively, take the shuttle bus that runs between Campos or Santanyi and Es Trenc beach. However, parking options in the small village of Campos are also limited. Those not frightened to put their best foot forward and want to save on parking costs can search for a parking space in the small town of Ses Covetes and make their way to the beach on foot. A wonderful hike also links Colonia Sant Jordi and Es Trenc beach. On the way you pass idyllic bays, which are ideal for a short photo stop.

Activities on the beach 
Unlike most of Mallorca's other beaches, there are no water sports at Es Trenc. This means that you do not have the opportunity to go water skiing, banana riding or windsurfing during your stay at this pristine beach. The exception is a few paddle boats which can be rented out in the high season from time to time on the most frequented sections of beach. As there is no natural shade from trees at Es Trenc, you will have to bring your own umbrella or rent a fixed screen.

The lack of water sports certainly don’t put a dampener on a day at this beach for visitors. The turquoise waters are a dream for swimming and snorkelling. As the beach descends slowly into the shallow waters along the entire length of the beach, small children can play safely at the water's edge. At some sections of beach, lifeguards watch the action all day long. In 2017, the Coastal Authority of Mallorca decided to demolish the beach kiosks at Es Trenc. However, one year later six new, mobile beach stalls called "Chiringuitos" are set to be approved. The plan is to set up a kiosk every 300 m, which will be supplied with electricity via solar panels and have public toilets.

Nudist areas at Es Trenc
Fans of naturist bathing fun tend to enjoy the natural beauty of Es Trenc. There are some designated nudist sections and some areas where nude bathing has become established although these areas may not always be indicated by signs. As there are several access points to the seven-kilometre-long sandy beach through the dunes, you may have to walk a little bit along the seafront to visit the nude bathing sites. In the peak season some 10,000 day visitors are draw to Es Trenc on some days. The high frequency of visitors has caused significant erosion of the dunes, which the Mallorcan government wants to impose measures to tackle. The first step, was to close the larger car parks in the dunes and to establish a shuttle bus between Campos and Es Trenc. Car parking can be found in the village of Colònia de Sant Jordi, but spaces are still limited.

Es Trenc Beach

Surroundings of the natural beach
Immediately adjacent to the natural beach of Es Trenc is the bio-diverse swamp area of Salobrar de Campos. From the beach, the biotope is bordered by a wall of sand dunes covered with pine trees. The area offers its visitors lagoon-like saltwater lakes, swamps and ponds. Around 170 species of birds live in the wetland, including flamingos, cormorants, egrets and storks. Some species of birds just make a short stopover on their journey south, though others spend the whole winter in the south of Mallorca. The different forms of vegetation are impressive for what is a relatively small space. While pine trees, wild olive trees and Phoenician cedars thrive on the dunes, plants that love salty soils dominate the lake shores.

Es Trenc beach is bordered on one side by the lively resort of Colonia Sant Jordi which has become a centre of tourism on the south coast. Mallorca’s only thermal spring is  to be found in the village. Hotel Font Santa uses the mineral-rich water to operate a huge ‘wellness’ project. Colonia Sant Jordi is a regional water sports centre in the south of the island. Motorboats and paddle boats are rented out at the Platja d'es Port during the summer months, and the Pacos Diving Centre offers guided diving excursions.

History buffs love the small town of Ses Salines with its well-preserved Bronze Age remains dating back from the Talayot era some 4,000 years ago. Ses Salines means "the salt pans" and in fact salt is still being extracted in the coastal region today. The tradition of salt production goes back to the Romans, who laid the first salt fields on this stretch of coast back in the days of antiquity. The salt flats, which you can visit during a trip to Ses Salines, produce about 15,000 tons of white crystal each year.

Restaurants on Es Trenc beach
Es Trenc is located in the middle of a nature reserve and the gastronomic delights on offer found locally reflect this. The only restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the beach is the Es Trenc-Salobrar in the municipality of Campos. The beach restaurant is located in the middle of the dunes, just a stone's throw from the white sandy beach. The menu features Spanish specialties such as paella, as well as fresh fish, seafood and several meat dishes. As this is the only restaurant on the whole beach, a reservation is required if you want to sample the food here.

cabecera restaurant

Serving small snacks, ice cream and chilled drinks several mobile kiosks or "chiringuitos" are served at several locations on the beach. Six new beach kiosks were approved from 2018, after the demolition of the previous snack bars in 2017 for reasons of environmental protection. It is always advisable to bring your own refreshments if you want to spend a day at the beach at Es Trenc. However, a wider range of dining options are available in the nearby towns of Colonia Sant Jordi, Campos and Sa Rapita.

We hope that this report has piqued your interest in visiting the natural beach of Es Trenc. The fine sandy beach is one of the last natural paradises to be found in Mallorca and is perfect if you wish to avoid sprawling apartment and hotel complexes.