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Southeast Coast Mallorca

Southeast Coast Mallorca

Southeast Coast Mallorca - golden beaches and picturesque coastal towns

Southeast coast of MallorcaThe southeastern coast of Mallorca with its fjord-like bays and countless sandy beaches is a paradise for beach lovers. Picturesque coastal villages and lively resorts alternate on this coast of contrasts.

Picturesque bays on Mallorca's southeast coast
Turquoise waters, bright sandy beaches and sunshine - Mallorca's south-east coast, with its numerous bays interspersed with rocky shorelines, is an irresistible magnet for sun worshipers. Some bays, such as Cala Mitjana, are surrounded by pine forests, others are bordered by apartment complexes.

Just south of Portocolom is Cala Marcal, the epitome of liveliness. There is a snack bar selling chilled drinks and snacks and on-site you can rent umbrellas, loungers and pedal boats. Several fjord-like bays are spread around the lively resort of Cala d'Or. "Golden Bay" promises golden sandy beaches and an excellent tourist infrastructure.

Cala Mondrago

A white sandy beach surrounded by expansive Aleppo pines and other coniferous trees is what you will be greeted by at the twin bays of Cala Mondrago and Cala S'Amarador. A collection of picturesque rocky coves can be found about ten kilometres north of Portocolom. They are called Cales de Mallorca and are hidden among the wild rugged cliffs.

Resorts in the southeast
The tourist hub on the Mallorcan southeast coast is the resort of Cala d'Or. The place is completely tailored to tourism. There are a huge number of on-site restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.

A characteristic feature of the resort are the low-rise, snow-white buildings, whose architectural style is reminiscent of the houses on the neighbouring island of Ibiza. Porto Cristo is a romantic coastal town with a picturesque harbour and a tiny beach. The harbour entrance is bordered on two sides by rocky cliffs and on the waterfront cafés and restaurants invite you in to enjoy Mallorcan delicacies.

Those in search of peace and tranquility will be drawn to the small coastal town of Sa Rapita. The village is perfect if you want to spend your self-catering holiday in Mallorca away from mass tourism. As you reach the harbour a fine-grained beach starts, which extends to the small fishing village of Ses Covetes. In the hinterland of the Mediterranean coast is the small town of Campos, which is a centre of Mallorcan cheese production. This region is the home of the rectangular Piris cheese, which is identified by its aromatic flavour.

Holiday home in picturesque bays
The southeast coast of Mallorca is ideal if you want a property in a beautiful location with quick accessibility to the beaches. You have the choice between rustic stone country houses and modern new builds. Most of the properties are surrounded by a well-tended garden with subtropical plants and have a swimming pool. Some of the more spacious holiday properties can comfortably house up to 12 people.

The accommodation is fitted out to luxury standards in terms of comfort. Satellite TV, a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi connection and several bathrooms are mostly standard in Mallorca. If you are looking for relaxation and tranquility in the most beautiful weeks of the year, choose a finca in the interior. Some of the holiday properties are located on gently sloping mountain sides and from your terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of the local Mediterranean landscape.

Coves del Drac dragon caves Mallorca

Attractive destinations on the southeast coast
A popular excursion destination, which should not be missed during your getaway to Mallorca, is the Coves del Drac. The so-called Dragon's Cave is a ramified system of caves near Porto Cristo, about 1.5 kilometres of which have been made accessible to the public. The largest underground lake in Europe is to be found in the rocky depths. As you near it you will pass through bizarre stalactite and stalagmite formations, which are lit by a spectacular light installation.

Also worth a look is the dream-like town of Felantix, close to the Santuari de Sant Salvador monastery. The site was built on a 509 m high mountain, which commands fantastic views of the southeast coast of Mallorca.

On the road linking Ses Salines to Santanyi you will come across "Botanicus" botanical gardens, another noteworthy attraction on the southeast coast, where more than 10,000 cactus species from all over the world can be admired in a 5-hectare area. In the centre there is an artificial lake and there is also a special area where numerous subtropical plant species thrive.

pearls sale in Mallorca

Manacor - the pearl capital of Mallorca
The largest city in the southeast of Mallorca is Manacor. It isalso the pearl capital of the island, because there are many factories where the well-known Mallorcan artificial pearls are produced, which are later processed into pieces of jewellery. In our Mallorca Shop you will find some selected items from this much exported jewellery manufacturer. The Majórica pearl factory is an ideal place to buy some exclusive holiday souvenirs.

There are also many other attractions in the centre of town. The Monastery of Sant Vicenç Ferrer, the early-Christian church of Son Pereto from the 5th century and the medieval tower Torre del Enagistes are stone testaments to the long history of the town's continuous settlement. In addition, the ruins of a 4,000-year-old Talayot settlement can be visited just outside the town. Manacor also boasts some attractive fresh markets in the centre where you can stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods and fish specialties during your holiday in Mallorca.