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Botanicus - the botanical garden at Ses Salines

Botanicus in MallorcaThe Botanicus botanical garden is a popular spot for tourists on the south coast of Mallorca. The area covers an area of 150,000 m² and houses a huge variety of plants from various vegetation zones.

Botanicus: desert vegetation and tropical jungle
The immense biodiversity at Botanicus makes the green oasis on the south coast of Mallorca a real tourist magnet. Tropical jungle plants thrive almost side by side with subtropical flora and characteristic desert vegetation. Numerous plants thrive in the tropical vegetation zones of the earth in an area of 50,000 m². An area of about 25,000 m² is reserved for the Mediterranean vegetation of Mallorca, where you will find classic representatives of the Balearic Islands: gnarled olive trees, pines, pomegranates, eucalyptus trees and citrus fruits. A desert-like area of some 40,000m2 plays host to 400 species of cactus. The botanical garden is intersected by several paths that lend themselves to gentles strolls through the varied vegetation. Bringing your camera is an absolute must during a visit to capture the unique atmosphere of Botanicus.

Idyllic lakeside landscape
An artificial lake has been created in part of the botanical garden, which on the one hand supplies the tropical plants with water and on the other hand invites the visitor to linger a while. The lake covers 10,000 m² and is on average four metres deep. Bamboo and water palms are also native to the adjoining wetlands. The soil from the excavation of the lake was used to build protective walls to protect the delicate tropical plants from the prevailing northern winds. Botanicus is privately owned and does not receive any government subsidies. The Botanical Garden was opened in 1989 after a two-year construction period. It is open all year round and there is ample parking for the rental car directly in front of the entrance. The site is extremely close to the Ses Salines seawater desalination plants, which have been in use to produce salt since Roman days.