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Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or

Cala d'Or - Mediterranean jewel on the southeast coast of Mallorca

Sightseeing, splashing about, water sports and party nights - Cala d'Or offers the perfect mix for a varied Mallorca holiday. The 4,200 strong community is located on the rugged southeast coast of Mallorca, about 60 km south of Palma. It is hard to know where Cala d'Or starts and finishes today as several individual urbanizations effortlessly merge with the original 1930’s settlement. The "Golden Bay" has been heavily influenced by tourism as hotels, apartment complexes and holiday homes are grouped around fine sandy coves, which are separated by rocky cliffs.

Cala d'Or has a number of bays ideal for swimming to offer. There are quiet beach areas and lively family beaches. Cala Gran, Cala Serena and Cala Esmeralda are the most famous bays in the municipality. Cala d'Or is known for its cubic houses with their dazzling whitewashed façades. The low-rise buildings were designed by Spanish architect Josep Costa Ferrer in the 1930s. The Ibizan architectural style is no coincidence, because the architect hails from the neighbouring island of Ibiza.

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History of Cala d'Or
Cala d'Or is not a historically grown place that emerged from a fishing village or a Roman settlement. The main town was planned and planned in the thirties of the last century by the architect Josep Costa Ferrer. The resort owes its typical ambience to the cubic low-rise buildings. He recognized the potential of this stretch of coast, which still enchants with its hidden creeks, the fine sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters. The architectural style of Ibiza is reminiscent of the architect's home.

Cala dor fortress Es Forti

Cala d 'Or was originally planned as a summer settlement but there was a huge upswing in development with the emergence of largescale tourism in Mallorca. Es Forti is a majestic 18th century fortress that greets you at the harbour entrance on the rocky clifftops.

It was built in the early 1700s under the rule of King Philip V who came from the House of Bourbon and ascended the throne in 1700. The defensive bastion has been extensively restored and repaired. It is the most famous attraction of Cala d'Or and is open to visitors.

Fine sandy beaches in picturesque bays
Cala D'or attract bathers, water lovers and sun worshipers year after year. The air is filled with the scents of rich pine forests and the smell of almond trees year round. The main beach of Cala d'Or is surrounded by rocky cliffs and has welcoming golden sands. Sun loungers and parasols are available for hire. North of the main beach is Cala Gran, which is very popular with cliff divers and snorkellers. Although the beach is only 50 metres long, the fjord-like nature of the bay makes it a natural jewel on the south-east coast of the island.

Cala Ferrara, Cala Esmeralda and Cala Serena are coastal spots that can get quite crowded in the summer months. If you like it quieter, head south by road to S'Amarador beach where the bay extends to Mondragó Natural Park. The picturesque bay is framed by pine forests. The sheltered location virtually guarantees no swell, which is especially appreciated by families with small children. Cala d'Or’s waters are turquoise blue while the sea at Cala Esmeralda shimmers emerald green – its name has nothing to do with Quasimodo but is so called "Esmeralda" is Catalan for "emerald".

Activities in Cala d'Or
Cala d'Or offers many sports activities and varied leisure activities. At Nemar Kayaks, you can rent a boat and explore the enchanting coast from the water.  For those inexperienced with sailing your own yacht you can book a ride on "Vita Bel II", which heads for remote bays on the southeast coast of Mallorca. A marvellous place to stroll is the marina in the heart of Cala d'Or. Numerous restaurants, bars and cafes straddle the harbour. With a view of the fancy yachts why not end the day with some paella and a glass of wine?

Surfboards and small catamarans can be rented out in several places in Cala d'Or. The pedestrian zone is lined with boutiques and souvenir shops. The individual bays are also linked by a regular mini-train. Although Cala d'Or is quieter than other tourist centres in Mallorca, there are some discos, nightspots and karaoke bars. The 18-hole golf course Vall d'Or is a good place for a game of golf amidst stunning Mediterranean scenery. It was opened in 1993 and can be played all year round.

Excursion destinations in the area
Cala d'Or is a perfect location for you to start your journey of discovery in Mallorca – ideally by car or bike. "Parc natural de Mondragó" is something of a Mecca for nature lovers and is very close by. The natural paradise includes wetlands by a river that is partially dry in the summer. In addition to S'Amarador bay, as mentioned previously, there are a number of other idyllic bays. A network of hiking and cycling trails also runs through the nature park. At any time, you can stop for a swim in the turquoise blue sea or have a picnic under the shade of pine trees.

Only a few minutes by car from the nature park is the small harbour town of Porto Petro, which has managed to preserve the original charm of a small fishing village. Santanyi is definitely worth seeing and is located four kilometres from the coast in the interior of the island. The restaurants and cafés on Plaça Major are framed with Mares sandstone and entice you to stop by for a break. The Cuevas del Drach ‘dragon caves’ are also a very worthwhile attraction. The stalactite cave is located in Porto Cristo and houses the largest underground lake in Europe. Other highlights include a subterranean lakeside live concert and boat ride.

Restaurants in Cala d'Or
"Port Petit" is a culinary exquisite restaurant that will tease and pamper your palate. Its Mediterranean cuisine is legendary and the view from the terrace on the marina gives you a priceless and unforgettable holiday moment. The interior design is dominated by marine and decorative items in white and blue colours.

The slogan "For the love of the sun, for wine, for art and good food" is how the restaurant Rúcula del Puerto advertises itself. It is located on the harbour of Cala d'Or and offers Mediterranean cuisine including fish soup, squid and seafood as are tapas, duck and lamb.

La Scala restaurant is a fine one at the marina which serves Italian cuisine. In addition to pasta, there are meat dishes such as beef in red wine sauce and veal with mushrooms. In addition, freshly caught fish is cooked to order.

Cala d'Or has blossomed into a trendy and fashionable holiday resort, which impresses visitors with a variety of recreational opportunities, excellent restaurants and enchanting bays. Make the resort on the southeast coast of Mallorca your next holiday destination and spend relaxing days in a Mediterranean ambience.