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Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera - romantic fishing village romantic in fjord-like bay

The fig trees radiate a lush green, the turquoise blue waters shimmer and an azure blue sky arches over the horizon as the picturesque backdrop at the fjord-like bay of Cala Figuera. This striking Y-shaped bay is located on the southeast coast of Mallorca.  The two inlets: Caló d'En Boira and Caló d'En Busques are bounded by low cliffs. The bay was named after the fig trees that characterise the landscape.

Location of Cala Figuera

Idyllische Bucht und Hafen Cala Figuera mit Schiffen

Cala Figuera is located about 60 kilometres from the Mallorcan capital, Palma de Mallorca. The eponymous village is located on the left fork of the Y-shaped bay. Here you will see the fishermen's houses with their ‘garages’ that play home to their boats. Cala Figuera is located in the municipality of Santanyi in the southeast and lies just five kilometres outside of the small town and can be reached in under 10 minutes via the MA-6102 road.

Parc Natural de Mondragó extends north east of the bay. The 765-acre nature reserve is a hiking paradise and home to various species of rare animals and plants. 70 species of birds alone live in the protected area. In addition to wild goats, Least Weasels, wild rabbits and Mediterranean turtles are among the wildlife there. South of Cala Figuera are Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards. The latter is a pleasant bay with a pearly white sandy beach that fans out at the end of a fjord-like bay. Santanyi and Cala Figuera are also connected by train.

Picturesque fishing village at the end of the bay

The charming fishing village of Cala Figuera is tucked between rocky cliffs, pine trees and fig trees at the end of the bay of the same name. The façades of the fisherman's houses and boat sheds shine white and ochre and the rich green of the shutters makes for a striking contrast with the bright buildings. Many fisherman's houses have a terrace leading on to the waterfront, where they moor their boats in sheds. Idyllisches Fischerdorf Cala Figuera nahe Santanyi MallorcaThe typical Mallorcan architecture is complemented with palm trees, hibiscus and almond trees in the gardens. Light stone walls form the boundary and on the stone terraces you will occasionally see slumbering cats under the shady crowns of the pines.

When the fishermen are not at sea, they sit in small groups at the harbour or mend their nets. Cala Figuera is a part of Mallorca that has truly preserved its original face. Although most of the almost 800 inhabitants live on tourism today, some still make a living from the sea. Cala Figuera experienced a tourism boom in the 1970s and 1980s. After that era, holiday-makers seemed to lose interest in the picturesque bay, which was partly due to the lack of sandy beach. Today's individual tourists who want to rent an apartment overlooking the turquoise waters in the bay while enjoying the maritime ambience take full advantage of the tranquillity there.

Mediterranean paradise at the harbour

At the end of the left fork of the bay lies the idyllic harbour of Cala Figuera. Wooden fishing boats bob up and down beside sailing boats and motor yachts. Fresh fish and seafood are served in the harbour restaurants, which are stocked with fresh catch from the local fishermen. There is no danger of loss of quality caused by transporting the fish at the harbour eateries of Cala Figuera. This is the real McCoy. Seated on a restaurant terrace by the water you can taste true Mallorcan delicacies and watch the hustle and bustle at the quay. Fishermen’s nets hang out to dry in the sun or are piled up on top of each other on stone walls. After the tourists left, the hotel complexes were pulled down and the port of Cala Figuera returned to its sleepy beauty of bygone years, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery and the peace of this perfect fishing village.

FRocky beach of Cala Figuera

türkisblaue Bucht Cala Figuera an der Südostküste Mallorcas

The harbour serves as a starting point for a detour to the rocky beach of Cala Figuera. A steep footpath with stones and scree leads to a small rocky stretch of coastline with crystal clear water. Access to the water is over stony ground but is considered worth it by the numerous snorkelers and divers. Note - own equipment must be brought as none is available to rent. By the cliffs colourful schools of fish frolic and horn corals cling to the rocky ground. If you do not like rocky terrain, it may well not be the place for you.

Bays in the area

Closest to Cala Figuera is Cala Santanyi. The sandy beach in the small bay is about 70 m long and gently descends into the sea. If you want, you can take a pedal boat along the rocky coast or just relax on a lounger. A little further on is the picturesque bay of Cala Llombards on the southeast coast. It has a dream-like white beach of 55 m in length and crystal-clear water. Leaving Cala Figuera in the north, you arrive at Cala Mondrago in the natural park of the same name. White dunes are bordered by lush Mediterranean vegetation and the turquoise waters sparkle and shimmer in front of the pearly white sandy beach.

Cala Figuera is a perfect bay on the island's southeast coast. The eponymous fishing village at the end of the Y-shaped inlet is an oasis of tranquillity with a genuine Mediterranean flair.