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Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards - Bay with sandy white beach

The southeast of Mallorca has a rare gem in Cala Llombards, a magical bay on the rugged coast. Steep cliffs enclose the fjord-like bay, which extends about 230 m inland. The beach at the end of the bay is only 55 m long and up to 150 m wide. The beach is an interesting cone-like shape. The dazzling white sand is soft and each step you take, your feet sink slightly into the sand. There is hardly any swell in sheltered Cala Llombards, which creates perfect conditions for swimming and snorkelling.

Location of Cala Llombards

Türkisblaues Wasser und weißer Sandstrand in der Cala Llombards Mallorca

Cala Llombards is located about ten kilometres from the town of Santanyi on the southeast coast of Mallorca and is connected by access road to the small village of Es Llombards. The village is located on the road MA-6100, which leads from Santanyi on Ses Salines to Colonia de Sant Jordi. Cala Llombards can be reached quickly and easily by either rental car, motorcycle or bike. It should take you about 15 minutes by road from Santanyi. From Ses Salines it is about 20 minutes drive. No tour buses stop at the picturesque bay.

You can park at a paid car park above the sandy beach. It is also possible to get there by water. Sailing boats and motor yachts are always anchored in the fjord-like sea inlet during the summer months. However, there are very few amenities for boat visitors as there are no moorings with jetties at Cala Llombards. However, these can be found in the nearby harbour of Cala Figuera.

Caribbean feeling at Cala Llombards

The atmosphere at CalaLlombards has an almost Caribbean feel. The crystal-clear water glows turquoise blue and the white sand glistens in the bright sunshine. There is hardly any swell in this sheltered bay. Even toddlers, under parental supervision, can safely splash around at the water's edge in the warm water.

Fischerhäuschen an der Cala Llombards MallorcaThe beach gently descends into the sea and when you enter the water, it is refreshingly free of stones and seaweed. The cliffs on either side of the estuary are densely overgrown with pines and Mediterranean scrub. Small fisherman's cottages are dotted along the bay, which adds to the romantic idyll. As you walk along the cliffs towards Cala Santanyi there are plenty of opportunities for great photographs at the stunning rock arch, Es Pontàs, a few metres out to sea. This naturally created "stone bridge" is often used by climbers. From the cliffs by the sea you have a fantastic view of it. Taking pictures is a must, whether it has climbers on it or not.

Bathing and snorkelling in crystal clear water

Swimming and snorkelling are among the most popular leisure activities at Cala Llombards. The water heats up to 25 degrees in the middle of summer. The clear visibility under water attracts many snorkelers into the bay. You can marvel at some of the finest Mediterranean flora and fauna, especially on the rocks that border the inlet and continue below the water surface. Scattered corals and sea anemones cling to the rocks and cuttlefish use the small caves and rock holes as a hiding place. Cala Llombards is no party beach and there are no organised water sports. Despite this, the idyllic location and the Caribbean feel more than make up for the lack of water sports.

Recreational facilities on the sandy beach

Karibisches Flair am Sandstrand Cala Llombards auf Mallorca

Due to the remote location in the south east of the island, the sandy beach at Cala Llombards offers a rather minimalist tourist infrastructure. There is a beach umbrella and parasol rental station, but it’s a case of first come first served. If you want to rent a sunbed or a thatched parasol you should get there early. For a little sustenance, a small beach bar provides a range of snacks and drinks. If you do not want to be dependent on the beach bar, pack a cool box with your own food for a day at the beach. To the rear of the beach there are some fresh water showers. In the main season, Cala Llombards is temporarily monitored by a lifeguard. Please note that the beach does not have designated wheelchair access.

‘Inland-coastal’ village

Behind the sandy beach of Cala Llombards lies the small settlement of the same name. In reality, this is little more than a loose collection of holiday homes built in Mallorcan low-rise style. As you go inland there are groves of almond trees, some of which are surrounded by dry stone walls typical of the island. In early spring, the white-pink flowers transform the whole region into a sea of colour. The outlying village of Es Llombards has small grocery stores, a café and a bakery. A small hotel also rents out guest rooms. Typically, tourists stay in holiday apartments or chalets in the area around Cala Llombards.

Cala Llombards is a small natural paradise in the south east of Mallorca. Its beach with the snow-white sand and the bay framed by cliffs is a perfect destination for a day trip by rental car.