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Cala Marmols

Cala Marmols

Cala Marmols: idyllic bay off the beaten path

Cala Marmols or Caló des Màrmols - the "marble bay" - is an idyllic, small sandy bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca - between Cala Santanyi and Cap de ses Salinas. Cala Marmols is located about 15 minutes from Caló des Moro and about 40 minutes from Porto Colom, making it the last bay on the eastern coast of the island. In the summer months, the bay is approached by sailing or motor boats, which often choose to anchor there. The beach at Cala Marmols is about 45 metres wide and about 30 metres deep.

cala marmols bay mallorca

The heavenly Cala des Marmols is far away from all civilisation: hotels, villages and shops and unsurprisingly is not the easiest place to reach. The few bathers who do frequent this lonely and undeveloped beach usually arrive by boat. From the lighthouse at Cap de ses Salines - where the MA 6110 leads you - you will reach the secluded bay after a 5-kilometre walk. Please take enough water for the journey - we recommend at least two litres - and sturdy shoes are a must even though the going is not too strenuous.

There is another less challenging alternative: a shorter trail of about 2.5 kilometres that leads across the grounds of Finca Rafal des Porcs. As the finca and the land are privately owned, please ask for permission in advance and note that the path is not paved or signposted and there is a risk of getting lost. The Finca Rafal des Porcs is one of the largest properties in the municipality of Santanyí and occupies the entire coast, which extends between Caló des Màrmols and Cala Figuereta. Pines, juniper, wild olives and garrigue are the predominant plants on this stretch of coastline.

Cala Marmols - isolated beach

Anyone who takes the trouble to trek this arduous, rocky footpath, where accidentally straying from the trail is easily done, will be rewarded with a beautiful, fine white sandy beach and a magnificent backdrop at the end - surrounded by 20-metre high marble cliffs and steep cliff faces and the clearest crystal turquoise water imaginable.

Cala Marmols - holiday at the south coast of MallorcaThe pristine water has a sandy bottom mixed with gravel and pebbles. The depth of the water in the bay varies between three and four metres. Because of the very clear water and the rock slopes, the bay is also perfect for snorkelling. From Cala Marmols you also have a fascinating panoramic view of the archipelago of Cabrera.

If you want to spend a nice day at the beach away from the tourist hustle and bustle surrounded by high cliffs on your self-catering holiday, you will most likely need a certain level of fitness. The hike to this bay requires a little climbing in places and is probably not suitable for inexperienced trekkers. As there are no local amenities, including toilets or  lifeguards in the bay - the nearest town is Cala Llombards - you should plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need before you set out to this perfect, remote beach.

Without a doubt, if you can get there, Cala Marmols is one of the finest insider tips for a day at the beach day where you can forget that the world of mass tourism exists at all on the island.