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Santuari de Sant Salvador

Santuari de Sant Salvador

Santuari de Sant Salvador - historic monastery, Felantix

Santuari de Sant Salvador in MallorcaThe former monastery of Santuari de Sant Salvador is a popular tourist destination on the southeast coast of Mallorca. The abbey is located on the 509 metre high Puig de Sant Salvador mountain and welcomes visitors with its magnificent view over much of the island.

Monastery complex with fortress character
The founding of the monastery Santuari de Sant Salvador took place in 1348. The decisive factor was a plague epidemic that raged across Mallorca in the late Middle Ages and many islanders perished. By order of King Pere IV of Aragon, a chapel for pilgrims was built at the highest point of the mountain. A few centuries later, the little chapel was no longer up to the huge amounts of pilgrims visiting and was replaced in 1715 by the current monastery church. The interior is sumptuously decorated. A statue of the Virgin Mary from the 13th century and a high altar from the 15th century are among the most valuable and ornate features. The Santuari de Sant Salvador Monastery has more in common with a fortress than a church in its appearance. Monks are no longer resident on the mountain and since 1992, and their former cells have been rented in the old buildings, which also has a restaurant.

Access Road and grounds of the monastery
The former monastery is located near the small town of Felantix on the southeast coast of Mallorca and is accessible by car via a narrow winding road. The road takes you first through an olive grove at the foot of the mountain, before the road winds up on the mountainside. Caution is advised on this potentially dangerous serpentine road as the road is also popular with endurance cyclists.
There are several beautiful vantage points en route, mostly through a shaded pine forest. You will pass a stone cross from the year 1957 and a small chapel. Once at the top, the 37 m high tower in the outer area of the monastery grounds immediately catches the eye. On the tower is a seven-meter high statue of Christ the Redeemer.