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Cala Falco

Cala Falco

Cala Falco - idyllic cove on Mallorca's southwest coast

Far away from the noisy tourist resorts with their crowded beaches lies the small bay of Cala Falco on the southwest coast of Mallorca. This romantic bathing paradise is located in the middle of a shady pine forest, which extends to just a few metres from the water edge. Cala Falco looks like a mini fjord with its two rocky headlands, covered with pine forest. Nevertheless, from the 40 m wide sandy beach you get a wonderful view of the horizon. The lack of any development at Cala Falco makes the bay one of the natural jewels of Mallorca.

beautiful bay on Mallorcas southwest coast

Location of Cala Falco
The perfect Cala Falco is just a few kilometres south of and a world away from loud and brash Magaluf, the main resort chosen by British package holidaymakers. Cala Falco is just 10 minutes in the car from Magaluf and 30 minutes from Palma, the capital of the island. The easiest way to get to the bay is via the MA-1 motorway from Palma. Take the Magaluf exit and leave the resort heading south. Since the way to the Cala Falco is not marked by signs, you will need to do your research before you set off or if in doubt ask a local for directions.

Above the bay there is a small settlement with a limited number of car parking spaces. If the parking spaces are full, you can park the car at the edge of a dirt road. The settlement is located directly on a steep set of steps that leads down to the beach. The bay is not connected to the public transport network. This means: there is no bus stop and also tourist buses do not head for Cala Falco.

Activities in Cala Falco
Cala Falco is a swimming and snorkelling paradise. The beach at the end of the bay is 40 m wide and extends about 60 m deep inland. The crystal clear water makes a quick dip very hard to resist. In summer, the Mediterranean Sea heats up to 25 degrees on this stretch of coast. The water is very clean and seagrass is only rarely washed up.

snorkelling in Mallorca's cristal clear water

The beach is absolutely perfect for snorkelling as you have visibility under the water of up to 30 m. The rocky headlands and are the perfect spot for exploring in your flippers and snorkel. Club Nàutic Santa Ponça offers diving excursions at Cala Falco. The soil is sandy and partly overgrown with algae. There are no other water sports offered at the cove. Most of the tourists come to the beach anyway, to relax under the shady pines on the white sands away from the hectic tourist resorts. If you feel the urge to move, you can hike along the coast to the neighbouring bay of Calo de sa Notra Dama. At this point, a rocky island juts out of the water that was unexpected by a Greek ship that once ran aground on a reef that sank causing fatal consequences. Since then, the wreck is still there 30 meters off the coast. A longer hike on the cliffs leads to the small town of Cala Vinyes, where guided diving excursions are also possible.

Landscape and infrastructure at Cala Falco
Although Cala Falco pnly has a 40 m wide sandy beach, there are still parasols and beach chairs. Due to the limited space there is only one row of beach chairs and there are no hotels or shops at the bay. At the back is a surfer-style beach bar (Chiringuito). This beach does not have disabled access due to its location on a rocky stretch of coast although there are washing and toilet facilities at Cala Falco.

view at Mallorca's coast with turqouise blue water

The bay’s appeal is largely to do with its exclusive location in the middle of a sprawling pine forest. It covers the two headlands that straddle the beach and the tree line starts just a few metres from the water's edge. The advantage of the dense woodland is obvious as they give a lot of shade, which holidaymakers appreciate, especially in midsummer. Because of the limited space on the beach, many day visitors spread their towels on the low rocks at the edge of the cove. Through the pine forests on the cliffs there are narrow trails which lead to the neighbouring bays.

Cap Falcó Beach Bar
The beach bar Cap Falcó Beach, furnished in the style of a surf bar, is the perfect place to relax. As you enjoy a burger, fresh fish or a Mediterranean salad under the shade of the pine trees unobtrusive music adds to the atmosphere while you sip a well-chilled white wine or a cocktail. The decor is made of bamboo and wood and has comfortable lounge furniture including a gently swaying hammock creating a real Caribbean feeling. Staff will happily bring your refreshing sangria or a fruity cocktail directly to your beach chair. The beach bar is open from the beginning of May to the end of October daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

Excursions in the area
The Cala Falco area has several attractive destinations. The 18-hole course in Santa Ponça is a tempting place for a round of golf or you could take a trip to the world of the rich and famous with a trip to Port Adriano. The marina is home to outrageously expensive luxury boats bobbing up and down on the waves and a number of cafés  where members of the international jet set sit and enjoy a cafe solo or a capuccino.

Magaluf is just ten minutes away by car and Western Park in the popular resort makes for an enjoyable day out including a whole range of stunt shows, open-air performances and rodeo shows. Magaluf has a sprawling shopping and party zone with dance halls, nightclubs and karaoke bars. A trip to Palma de Mallorca should be planned because of the proximity to the island's capital and is about 30 minutes away.  The imposing Gothic cathedral is the symbol of the capital of Mallorca and can be seen from the sea.

We hope that the report has aroused your interest in Cala Falco. Pay a visit to this natural paradise on the southwest coast of Mallorca on your next island holiday and be enchanted by the unique atmosphere created by the pine forest.