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Port d‘Andratx

Port d‘Andratx

Port d‘Andratx - Mallorca's exclusive harbor town

On the west coast of Mallorca Port d'Andratx is an exclusive harbour town in front of picturesque mountain scenery. The snow-white hulls of outrageously expensive sailing and motor yachts sway backward and forth on the turquoise waters. The yacht club has 450 berths and in midsummer every single one of them is occupied.

Port d'Andratx is a swanky place to live in Mallorca. Celebrities from the world of film, television, politics and the fashion industry can be seen regularly in the tapas bars and cafes at the port. The port is located on a fjord-like bay, which is considered by many Mallorca connoisseurs to be the most beautiful on the island. The foothills of the Tramuntana mountains reach down to the coast while up on the rocky cliffs, villas and fincas sit high above the sea.

Port of Andratx in Mallorca

History of Port d'Andratx
The history of the port town of Port d'Andratx does not go back too far in the annals. Until the advent of tourism in the second half of the 20th century, Port d'Andratx was little more than a fishing port. For centuries, the locals had faced pirate attacks, preferring to live in safe regions away from the coast. The small town of Andtrax is located five kilometres from the coast in the interior. In contrast to the neighbouring fishing port, it was first mentioned in a document from 1236AD.

In the Middle Ages, pirates from North Africa repeatedly landed in the bay and launched raids from here. The remains of numerous defence structures and watchtowers from the 16th and 17th centuries are still visible signs of the measures locals had to take to protect themselves.

Port d'Andratx did not always look as it does today. The tranquil fishing village started to change in the 1960s with the advent of package tourism and over the last few decades, the tranquil fishing village has turned into a meeting place for the international jet set. The audience is a mix of wealthy residents, business leaders, entrepreneurs, media stars and politicians.

On the rocks on the harbour, well-heeled celebrities have built luxurious villas on well-secured properties, which today characterise the face of the coastal town. Among the most impressive properties is the "Paradise Castle", perched on a towering rock pinnacle over the bay. It belonged to the entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer and has been for sale for some time.

Coast Andratx

Attractions in Port d'Andratx
Due to its short history, Port d'Andratx has no historic buildings of great cultural and historical value.

The highlights of this stretch of coast are undoubtedly the landscape and the harbour yet the winding road from Camp de Mar is a treasure in its own right.

After numerous bends, the fjord-like bay with its deep blue waters suddenly emerges emerges behind the last bend. Countless boats with snow-white hulls sway on the gentle waves and the Tramuntana mountains are visible with their wooded slopes in the background.

Fishing nets Port Andratx Mallorca

The harbour is shared by yacht owners and local fishermen. On both sides of the u-shaped bay, jetties jut out into the water, where luxury yachts are moored next to traditional fishing boats.

In the afternoon, the green and blue nets of the fishermen lie spread out on the pier. A large part of the fishermen"s fresh catch is sold to local restaurants.

The rest is sold in the fish hall at the harbour. Holiday makers, ship chefs and locals from Andratx flock here for the seafood and freshly caught fish. Art and culture enthusiasts should plan a trip to CCA Andratx which is the largest exhibition of contemporary art in the Balearic Islands and shows paintings, sculptures, photographic art and installations.

Activities in Port d'Andratx
Port d'Andratx is not a seaside resort, unlike most Mallorcan coastal towns. There are no beaches, but you can sample excellent shopping and local cuisine in the harbour area.

Active holidaymakers should not miss a hike to Sant Elm, not far from Port d'Andratx. The hike through the barren mountain landscape takes about three hours - including fantastic views of the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. At the small beach of Sant Elm, stop for a swim before taking the bus back home.

In the fishing village of Sant Elm, excursion boats leave for the uninhabited island of Sa Dragonera. The crossing takes about 20 minutes. Robber's Bay plays host to a ranger station, where you get an overview of the flora and fauna of the protected island. The island is home to a large breeding colony with Balearic shearwaters and one with Eleonora hawks.

Keen golfers can work on their handicaps at the 18-hole Golf de Andratx course. This is a course where you have a reasonable chance of bumping into Hollywood star Michael Douglas or super model Claudia Schiffer at the tee. Alternatively, you could charter a yacht in Port d'Andratx. Various tour operators offer day and multi-day tours to some of the most beautiful bays in Mallorca.

Shopping in Port d'Andratx
Most visitors to Port d'Andratx don casual yet glamorous and luxurious threads. Swarovski stone toe sandals, complemented by fashionable navy look and vintage-style bracelets, are typical of the harbour area. This complete outfit can be bought in the fashion boutiques near the harbour. Although there are no shops of high-end designers or major brands there are numerous glamorous shops selling stylish items along the main street alongside small shops selling gift items, souvenirs and local wares.

At K & K Art and Decor, there are extravagant and unusual pieces of furniture that are refreshingly different from the deco style of a well-known Swedish furniture store. Inspiration for the decor can also be found at the Beach House Store. The chain of organic supermarkets,Veritas opened its first store in the Balearic Islands here in Port d'Andratx. The products are mainly sourced from regional producers and local suppliers. Most of the shops in Port d'Andratx are in the immediate vicinity of the marina and are within easy walking distance.

Sunset Port Andratx

Restaurants in Port d'Andratx
In Port d'Andratx, you will find a wide range of cuisines. Avenida Mateo Bosch on the southern side of the harbour hosts numerous cafés and restaurants along the stylish boulevard. One of the top addresses in the harbour is "Cappuccino", which serves specialty coffees and small snacks.You can take a seat on the terrace with an unobstructed view of the marina.

Can Pep restaurant on Avenida Mateo Bosch is a place popular with residents, locals and tourists. The owners focus on light Mediterranean cuisine as guests enjoy overlooking the bay, enjoying fresh seafood with ice-cold white wine.

One exclusive address in Port d'Andratx is La Ronda Artcafé, where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail on the rooftop terrace. The Sumailla Restaurant in Port d'Andratx offers exceptional culinary delights.
The minimalist interior serves up delightful Japanese and Peruvian fusion food. The chef is one of the best sushi chefs in Mallorca.

With a mix of Italian and Asian cuisine, Trespais is a treat of a restaurant. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm clock and is particularly popular with German-speaking guests.

We hope this piece has given you an insight into the lifestyle in Port d'Andratx and the scenic beauty on the west coast of Mallorca. If we have aroused your interest in the stylish port, why not choose Port d'Andratx as your next holiday destination in Mallorca.