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Entry to Mallorca

Entry to Mallorca

Arriving in Mallorca

Arriving in Mallorca is hassle-free for EU citizens. Spain and therefore the autonomous Balearic Islands are in both the European Union and the Schengen area. Personal checks are not required at the border.

Although at Spain’s external borders with the EU personal checks are no longer carried out, you should at least carry your identity card or passport. Although there are no longer any checks on EU citizens, you must present identification when hiring a rental car. Police checks on the island may also require an identity card or passport. If you want to travel to Mallorca with young children, they will need their own passports as from 26th June 2012 children are no longer entitled to travel on their parents’ passports.

Passport Mallorca

Tourists traveling by land, car or camper or motorbike to Mallorca need a valid driving licence and registration documents for the car. It is advisable to carry the green insurance card, as it simplifies matters in the event of a claim. If you are not in possession of a green insurance card, contact your car insurance company.

Import and export regulations for certain goods
Alcohol and Tobacco may only be imported or exported to or from Mallorca if they are for personal use. EU legislation has set maximum limits for tobacco, alcohol and coffee that must not be exceeded. That means, you may leave Spain with no more than the following quantities for personal use without having to declare the goods at customs:

    • 800 cigarettes
    • 200 cigars
    • 10 litres of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% by volume
    • 110 litres of beer
    • 10 litres of low-alcohol drinks
    • 10 kilos of coffee

These limits apply only to citizens from EU member states. Travellers from non-EU countries such as Switzerland or Norway will have further limitations. Upon entry to Mallorca, spot checks may be carried out by Spanish customs. They are carried out both at Palma airport as well as at internal Spanish borders.