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Internet in Mallorca

Internet in Mallorca

Internet in Mallorca

The internet has become an integral part of everyday life. With the discontinuation of roaming charges from 2017 within the EU, mobile surfing abroad has become significantly cheaper.

Mobile surfing in Mallorca
Of course, you want to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook and other social media while you are living it up in Mallorca and you also want to find out what’s going on in the world. Until recently, high roaming charges for smartphone users made windsurfing significantly cheaper than surfing the web at a day on the beach. High fees were incurred when using a contract phone and they skyrocketed as data usage grew. From 2017, the EU’s decision to scrap roaming fees in all member states of the European Union has significantly reduced costs for holidaymakers.

Domestic providers have responded and offer new tariffs, which allow, for example, the use of your domestic contract in other EU countries. These are called EU-Flat or Smart L tariffs and for a monthly fixed price allow you to surf the Internet in Mallorca to your heart’s desire. If you mainly rely on mobile internet, you should enquire about the current international tariffs offered by your mobile service provider and book the appropriate options before you travel.

Internet Mallorca

Internet in Mallorcan hotels and holiday homes
Hotel operators and holiday home landlords have responded to the increased demand for Internet access. Meanwhile, a Wi-Fi hotspot is standard in hotels and holiday homes. Basically, access to the in-house Wi-Fi network is generally free. Only some hotels charge a fee for use. In many holiday homes in Mallorca the router is part of the furniture. An internet connection is also available in numerous restaurants and cafés on the island.

Free internet in Palma de Mallorca
In recent years, increased activities have been undertaken with regard to the development of nationwide network coverage in the island’s capital. In the centre of Palma de Mallorca there are numerous hotspots that allow free access to the Internet. Meanwhile, the expansion has progressed so far that even on the move within the urban area, you can stay connected. Also on the beaches of Playa de Palma the network coverage is good. Around 30 hotspots have been installed on the five-kilometre beach promenade. You will find an overview of the hotspots on the entire island by clicking on http://islawifi.com/zonas/. You can tell if it is free or paid access by the different colours. However, the site does not list all the hotspots on the island. Providers who do not want the location of the access point to be made public will not appear on the map.

Registration and usage restrictions
Signing up to a Mallorcan WiFi network is very easy. Once your mobile device has found an access point, select the network on your smartphone or tablet and connect. You do not need a password in the city centre of Palma. All you have to do is confirm the terms and conditions and you can start surfing. The use of the public hotspots for network access is limited to 30 minutes. After the time has expired, you must repeat the login procedure. Usage is still limited to seven days and capped at a maximum data volume of 500MByte. Outside the city limits of Palma de Mallorca free Internet access is still in short supply. In popular resorts such as Paguera, Cala Ratjada and Alcúdia there are so-called Zonas WiFi (WiFi zones) but the use of the Internet is usually not free.