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Palma Pass

Palma Pass

Palma Pass - Price advantages

This tourist card entitles the holder to lots of reductions for attractions. In the autumn of 2014, the city of Palma de Mallorca introduced the Palma Pass. It entitles visitors to free entrance at various museums, includes up to ten free bus rides and is accepted as a discount card in numerous downtown shops.

Make savings with the tourist card
Palma de Mallorca is the bustling capital and largest city in not only the islands but in all the Balearic Islands with around 400,000 permanent residents. A visit to the port city is a must for most holidaymakers. To make the stay in the city even more attractive, the city council decided in October 2014 to introduce a tourist pass called the "Palma Pass". Holders of this tourist card can visit several pay-to-enter sights such as Almudaina Palace, Es Baluard Museum, La Seu Cathedral or Castell de Bellve for free. In addition, the "Palma Pass" acts as a discount card in participating shops and restaurants. Up to 10% can be knocked off your purchase is in some stores. In addition, there is up to 30% discount on visits to certain leisure facilities and a discount if you wish to take part in a city tour.

Palma Pass Mallorca

Palma Pass 72 h: The basic version
The Palma Pass 72 h is the basic version of the tourist pass. It costs a one-time fee of 33 euros and entitles you to all the benefits for a period of three days. With this option you get free entrance for ten selected sights, with discounts on admission prices at several more. You will also receive a free guidebook and a map of Palma. In addition, ten trips on local buses (which would otherwise cost you 10 euros) and the return trip to the airport (otherwise 8 euros) are included. With the bus trips alone, a saving of 18 euros is possible. Add free admission to ten attractions and the discounts in the shops, getting a Palma Pass basic version is a no-brainer.

Palma Pass Express and Family option
For people only in town for a few days and cruise tourists, a slimmed-down version of the basic version of the Palma Pass Express is available. The guest pass costs 16 euros and is valid for seven days. Free entrance to three attractions in the urban area of Palma is included. Free bus trips are not included in this deal however therefore, the Palma Express Pass is worthwhile only if attractions are visited that charge a high entrance fee. The Palma Family Pass Family costs 92 euros and is based on a family of four. This option includes the same benefits as the Express version and offers free admission to Palma Aquarium. Since the online ticket for 2 adults and 2 children alone costs 60 euros, the Palma Family Pass  can be a worthwhile investment. On the other hand if you don’t plan to visit the aquarium you will not make any savings. The pass costs 23 euros per head based on four sharing so you need to bear that in mind when planning your visits to the city’s more expensive sights.

Order your Palma Pass online or buy locally
You can order and version of the Palma Pass online here. The Palma Pass is a smart card that is automatically activated on first use. Whether you use the guest card first for a museum visit, a bus ride or as a discount card, is up to you.

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